McCrostie: The jury loved it

Radio & Audio honors the boldness of Share a Coke
01 de julio de 2018

The head juror of the Radio & Audio jury at the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival, Jo McCrostie, who is also creative director at Global UK, noted that Casanova // McCann's piece Share a Coke 1,000 Name Celebration was a very strong entry after it won two Silver Lions in that category.
“The jury loved it - it was very ambitious and I loved the boldness of the project. Everyone has a name and the jury thought it was a great piece of work because Coca-Cola has everyone’s name,” she said.
The criteria used to judge this category was to reward work that had an impact and made the very best use of the medium, she said, adding that “the amazing thing about Audio is that you can go anywhere, do anything, touch anyone, and connect with everyone, like Coca-Cola did with its personalized songs.”
The industry would do well to embrace audio, she said, but without thinking of it as traditional radio. “It's a feel-good kind of thing, because it can go anywhere and be anything. You can’t do much with a medium that is confined to traditional 30-second radio ads, but how out-of-the-box it is to consider totally new ways of communicating in a medium with so much scope!”