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SPE / Sony Pictures Entertainment, Corporate

En 2022 Sony Pictures Television (SPT) tiene como meta crecer e invertir en la región en varias áreas: IP y contenido de Sony enriquecido; en talento; y seguir consolidando su condición de estudio independiente preeminente en la región. 

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#PRODUPrimetime interview featuring Dori Media's Joshua Mintz

"We are going to produce TV in Latin America for all the world. That is our mission, and we will execute it with the knowledge and contacts we have, using the content of which we are part-owners, that we are looking for, and that we are going to acquire. We will use our own capital because the plan also involves always being partners in production,” said Joshua Mintz in #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra from Jerusalem, Israel, where he lives and works as Chief Content Officer of Dori Media Group