Teasers of Univision´s Descontrol

04 de enero de 2018

Each hour-long episode of Descontrol plays on the different and darkly-humorous ways people lose control of their lives to excess when faced with real, yet often absurd situations, such as impossible mothers-in-law, jealous spouses, mid-life crises, office politics, and class rivalry. This original production from W Studios for Univision features A-list actors in unexpected, challenging and “against-type” roles. Livia Brito, Arap Bethke, Giselle Blondet, Juan Colucho, Carlos Espejel, Alejandro Nones, Shalim Ortiz, Eduardo Santamarina, Marjorie de Sousa, Laisha Wilkins, and Rodrigo Vidal are among the well-known stars who bring this provocative dark comedy to life

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