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AZ TV de paga

Azteca: We added the children´s channel Funbox to our catalog

 The children´s channel Funbox joined Azteca´s distribution catalog, announced Jorge Gutiérrez, director of AZ TV de Paga, in Andina Link. “Funbox is the fifth element we were missing. It is a channel aimed at children between 3 and 11 years of age. Throughout the fair we have had good recept......

  • 07 de marzo de 2019

TV Azteca: The reality 4x4 Historias de Cine is a door to take digital talent to pay TV

The reality 4x4 Historias de Cine , to be launched next May 2 on AZ Cinema, the signal from AZ TV de Paga, is the first that this division of TV Azteca makes, and in which they manage to take Internet talent to TV, and which could have versions produced in other countries the signal reaches. “Th......

  • 27 de abril de 2018

TV Azteca: With several original productions for our AZ TV de Paga channels

Fenómeno Luz , the second season of De Telenovelas; De Telenovelas El Espectáculo De Las Emociones; the second season of Video Link and the recent launch of Espacio Shorts México , are the productions that TV Azteca is preparing for its AZ Mundo, AZ Corazón, AZ Cinema and AZ Clic channels, i......

  • 09 de febrero de 2018

TV Azteca: We are preparing the program Espacio Shorts México produced by the filmmaker Rafael Lara

AZ Cinema, an AZ TV de Paga signal that reaches more than 25 countries, is preparing new original productions, one of them is Espacio Shorts México (13x60’), in alliance with the Shorts México short film festival. The program is produced by the filmmaker Rafael Lara and will be aired the first d......

  • 15 de septiembre de 2017

TV Azteca's channels AZ Corazón, AZ Clic and AZ Cinema now available on Olympusat’s Vemox

As part of its industry leading efforts to provide the Hispanic market with a wide selection of multicultural entertainment, Olympusat, Inc., has added three of TV Azteca's Spanish-language live channels to Vemox, the company's OTT TV Everywhere solution. Vemox, Olympusat's cost efficient and ......

  • 20 de abril de 2017

AZ TV de Paga: Seeking more penetration in the South Cone and the US

Jorge Gutiérrez, Signal and Advertising Sales director at AZ TV de Paga, mentioned that Andina Link is an attractive and rewarding fair, since clients who had two signals return to hire the complete package, which proves how well they have received them. “For us, the Andean region is one of our gr......

  • 10 de marzo de 2017

TV Azteca Internacional: We restructured the area appointing Jorge Gutiérrez director of AZ TV de Paga

Fidela Navarro, director of TV Azteca Internacional, shared the changes made in this unit, highlighting the designations of Jorge Gutiérrez to the direction of AZ TV de Paga and Adriana Bustos as director of the Production Division. TV Azteca Internacional, led by Fidela Navarro, is bei......

  • 07 de marzo de 2017

TV Azteca: We are producing the series De Telenovela to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the genre in Latin America

AZ TV de Paga producing original content, highlighting the series De Telenovela, el Espectáculo de las Emociones (13x30’), to which they will summon key characters in the development of this genre in Latin America for their signal AZ Corazón, and for their signal AZ Cinema. They are already workin......

  • 14 de julio de 2016

AZ TV de Paga: We support operators’ OTT with original content

AZ TV de Paga’s strategy consists in offering not only its linear channels but also original and exclusive content for operators’ OTT platforms. “As AZ TV de Paga we are not interested in having our own OTT. We are content producers and we support operators in their own platforms”, said Fidela Nav......

  • 20 de octubre de 2015

AZ TV de Paga: We entered the US through Dish’s Sling TV

A year after presenting AZ TV de Paga in Panama City, Azteca returns to this city with its four channels: AZ Clic!, AZ Cinema, AZ Corazón and AZ Mundo, consolidated and available in SD and HD. They also announced the direct sales and distribution of their entire portfolio. Jorge Gutiérrez will be i......

  • 30 de julio de 2015

AZ TV de Paga: Our strategy is focused on increasing distribution in Central and South America and the Caribbean

During 2015 AZ TV de Paga’s strategy is focused on increasing distribution in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Jorge Gutiérrez, International Signal and Advertising Sales director thinks that with the complete offer of channels they have, which includes AZ Mundo, AZ Corazón, AZ Cli......

  • 09 de julio de 2015

AZ TV de Paga: We relaunched AZ Noticias

Azteca TV de Paga relaunches its 24-hour news channel, AZ Noticias. Under the slogan Siempre Presente the channel has a new information, sports and specialized offer throughout the day which complements and deepens the traditional information services of open TV. “AZ Noticias is unique in the c......

  • 19 de junio de 2015

Azteca: We launched AZ Cinema with more than 800 titles from Mexican cinema for LatAm and soon the US

AZ TV de Paga, Azteca business unit, officially launched its new channel AZ Cinema, 100% to Mexican cinema, which is already distributed in seven countries in Latin America and will be launched in the US in June through the Dish platform. In the presence of artistic talent and executives like Fidel......

  • 02 de junio de 2015

Azteca's AZ TV: With AZ Cinema we complete our national and international offer, consolidating ourselves in the market

Azteca and its division AZ TV de paga, headed by Fidela Navarro, presented AZ Cinema, the fourth channel which joins cable operators and the seventh in the national market, broadening its coverage, as well as national and international positioning. "The brand we launched a few months ago, AZ TV de ......

  • 13 de marzo de 2015

AZ TV de Paga: We will have 1,800 hours of original production on our channels in 2015

AZ TV de Paga –the new brand hat aggregates all of the pay-TV channels of Azteca-, focused in 2014 on technology upgrades for its signals, all of which converted to HD; on the generation of a management system that would allow it, starting next year, to program differently domestically and internati......

  • 18 de diciembre de 2014

Comarex: Azteca has great confidence in the pay-TV business

Marcel Vinay Jr., CEO of Comarex, confirmed to PRODU at Jornadas, the creation of a new division: AZ TV de Paga, which includes channels: AZ Mundo (formerly Azteca Internacional); AZ Corazón (formerly Azteca Novelas), which the company supplied with more programming and more original content; AZClic......

  • 26 de septiembre de 2014

Azteca announces restructuring of its pay-TV business with the launch of AZ TV and the reinvention of some of its channels

Azteca announced the launch of AZ TV de Paga, a business unit that creates, manages, and controls the company’s pay-TV content and channels worldwide. The announcement also mentioned important infrastructure changes such as the use of a new satellite, master, decoders, and a new look. “We come to T......

  • 21 de agosto de 2014