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Azteca Uno

TV Azteca: Exatlón became the phenomenon of Mexican TV

Alberto Ciurana, general director of Contents and Distribution at TV Azteca expressed that in 25 years he had not seen what Exatlón has achieved in Mexican TV: to gather the whole family around content that is wholesome, white, and inspirational. "From the first season, Exatlón became the phenom......

  • 29 de agosto de 2019

TV Azteca: La Voz... México will be programmed two or three times a week

"The main novelty we will have with La Voz... Mexico is that we will have 50, three-hour episodes that will not be aired on Sundays, but during weekdays. There will be weeks with two episodes and weeks with three episodes, programmed two or three times a week, like NBC does in the US, and other coun......

  • 28 de febrero de 2019

TV Azteca Internacional: With great success in markets and more original production

Patricia Jasin, VP of TV Azteca Internacional, assured that TV Azteca has transformed, developed and grown from the inside, change that can be seen in their results, and the reason why they are doing so well in all the markets they visit. This week they will be present at MIP Cancún. “To MIP Cancún......

  • 16 de noviembre de 2018

Azteca Uno: Live programming is the future of the channel

Sandra Smester, EVP of Azteca Uno at TV Azteca, reported that she reached the channel with the purpose to make a total shift in programming, and with the strategy they have set up, of live television, they have attained good numbers. “We came to do this job and we came to do it well. This new live ......

  • 06 de noviembre de 2018

Alejandro Rojas de Parrot Analytics: Ayudamos a entender tendencias para determinar cuáles contenidos funcionan mejor

Alejandro Rojas, director regional de Parrot Analytics, realizó una gira por México, mercado en el que la compañía se abre paso para contribuir con productores y tomadores de decisiones sobre las tendencias de la audiencia, cuáles son los elementos comunes en los contenidos con mejores resultados, e......

  • 20 de agosto de 2018

Azteca Uno: My challenge is to produce twelve hours of live content for this signal

Three months after her arrival in Mexico to lead TV Azteca´s signal Azteca Uno, Sandra Smester includes in her objectives, producing around 12 daily hours of live content for the channel. She mentioned the upcoming launch of María Magdalena , the second season of Rosario Tijeras and the debut of ......

  • 18 de enero de 2018

TV Azteca: We incorporated Alberto Ciurana to the team

Alberto Ciurana is the new person responsible for Television and Content Distribution at TV Azteca, in charge of programming, operation, and production of TV Azteca´s channels, according to a statement made by the company. “The achievements we have made in these two years are only the beginning. ......

  • 31 de octubre de 2017