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First Meeting of Mexican film and audiovisual production companies concludes with an assessment of the situation of the industry

The first Meeting of Mexican film and audiovisual production companies took place at the IP9 Studios facilities, organized by Canacine (National Chamber of the Film Industry) and Egeda México, together with other trade union organizations. Tábata Vilar, Director of Canacine, explained that the meet......

  • 11 de enero de 2023

Venezuelan producer Caupolicán Ovalles: Two years waiting for the Ecuadorian justice to answer to the unauthorized broadcast of Muerte en Berruecos

In December 2020, an Ecuadorian state channel broadcasted without authorization the film Muerte en Berruecos , written and directed by the Venezuelan producer, Caupolicán Ovalles. “Two years have passed since this happened. We have gone before the Senadi (National Copyright Service of Ecuador), the......

  • 11 de enero de 2023

Perla Atanacio winner of the first WAWA-Lifetime mentoring program is rewarded with invitation to MIP Cancun

Perla Atanacio with her project Las Paredes was selected by WAWA and Lifetime as the winner of the WAWA-Lifetime mentoring program, which gave her the opportunity to attend MIP Cancun for the first time. “If we learn about the business in each market, Perla can also learn a lot from this experien......

  • 16 de noviembre de 2022

Iberoamerican Film Festival Miami: There is no festival in Spanish like this on the East Coast

Fernando Arciniega, founder, and executive director; and Brandon del Toro, director of Operations, of the Iberoamerican Film Festival Miami (IAFFM) is presenting the fifth edition of the event at the Kidscreen Summit. This time the film festival features Argentina as its guest country and will inclu......

  • 27 de julio de 2022

SOMOS TV and SOMOS Next sign a three-year agreement with EGEDA

SOMOS TV and SOMOS Next signed a three-year agreement with EGEDA (Audiovisual Producers Rights Management Entity) for the coverage of the ninth (May 1, in Madrid), tenth and eleventh editions of the Platino Awards Gala of Ibero-American Cinema. The Platino Awards, after their first edition in April ......

  • 15 de abril de 2022

Egeda: Platino Empleo is a platform that will allow the audiovisual, video game and animation industry to find talent

María José Revaldería, Egeda's Digital Projects Development coordinator, and Egeda's general director, Adriana Castillo, presented the Platino Empleo platform at an event organized by WAWA and Egeda. It is a platform that allows audiovisual, video game and animation sector companies to find the tale......

  • 16 de marzo de 2022

WAWA had prepared for the first time a pavilion at the now canceled NATPE Miami

For the first time, WAWA had included 17 international companies in a pavilion on the market floor -stand 201- during the now canceled NATPE Miami 2022. The companies confirmed were: 11Loops, Corus Studios, Ecuavisa Studios, DW, KM Distribution, Mondo TV Studios, Nelvana, Springmedia, Universal Cine......

  • 07 de enero de 2022

Directors of Iberseries Platino Industria: A milestone that we will honor is bringing together financial funds from America, Europe and Asia 

‟One of the milestones that we set out to do at the beginning of the programming design, was bringing onboard the main financial funds from America, Europe and Asia in an international event, and we honored it,” said Juan Alía and Samuel Castro in #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra , both direct......

  • 29 de septiembre de 2021

Ana Piñeres: The key to success is this berraquera that one has inside

21 years ago when Ana Piñeres started with Clara María Ochoa in the CMO production company, things were very different. "We had to be the best or be the best." As women, they had to be above expectations and be pioneers in the use of technology in TV production to prevail in 2021 in which they are f......

  • 01 de septiembre de 2021

PRODU Webinar ¡Colombianas Berracas!: Training and making visible women are key to their advancement in the industry

The webinar ¡Colombianas Berracas! Women who have succeeded in the Colombian audiovisual industry, within the framework the Colombia Special, brought together Ana Piñeres, COO, partner, creative producer and executive of CMO Group and president of Egeda Colombia; Catalina Porto, executive manager ......

  • 27 de agosto de 2021

Promoting real business opportunities for our partners

The first WAWA Business Forum, to be held from March 16 to 18, is an answer to its partners to establish real business opportunities in the new global virtual scenario. “What everybody is looking for are specific business opportunities. Virtuality led us to connect much more, but also hampered t......

  • 09 de marzo de 2021

WAWA summons the first WAWA Business Forum

WAWA summons participants to the first WAWA Business Forum, to be held from March 16 to 18, a virtual event designed exclusively to gather content producers with buyers and signal programmers to consolidate business opportunities. The attendees to the event will be able to do highly effective n......

  • 19 de febrero de 2021

Micro-machismo persists in the audiovisual industry

WAWA held its second event in collaboration with Platino Industria / Egeda Film and 8K, 360°, and 5.1 Audiovisual Production companies, in which Susana Umbert, Manager of Entertainment Production at Latina Televisión; Daniela Ludlow, founder of Chamaca Films; Juana María Torres, Original Production ......

  • 10 de septiembre de 2020

Broadcast and Pay-TV more affected than OTT

One of the relevant topics that were reviewed during the second PRODU webinar, Medidas de Rescate de la Industria Audiovisual (Rescue Measures for the Audiovisual Industry), was the increase in production costs with reduced budgets that will come with the new normality. The panelists were Mónica......

  • 04 de junio de 2020

Those not legally hired cannot be on set

The second PRODU webinar held on Wednesday, May 20, Rescue Measures in the Audiovisual Industry , left clear differences between how the governments of Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina have assumed their commitment to workers and companies affected by the tsunami of the pandemic. The panelists wer......

  • 29 de mayo de 2020

Companies and guilds contribute to creating protocols

Crisis generates opportunities, and solidarity and joint work have been some of the results. Private companies and guilds have contributed resources, along with time to create protocols and come up with solutions for the difficulties the pandemic imposes. Some examples: along with the fund in Netfli......

  • 28 de mayo de 2020

CMO Producciones: New incentives to produce in Colombia

In the context of Conecta Fiction, Ana Piñeres, president of Asocinde, also president of Egeda Colombia, as well as VP and executive producer of CMO Producciones, said that after the support of the law 1556 for foreign productions in Colombia, which enabled the realization of 40 productions in the l......

  • 25 de junio de 2019

LatinWE´s Luis Balaguer honored with a proclamation by the City of Miami for his contributions to the film and entertainment industry

Under the umbrella of Recent Cinema from Spain, LatinWE president, Luis Balaguer, was honored with a proclamation by the City of Miami for his contributions to the film and entertainment industry promoting Latin talent, and for the excellence of his work, creating jobs and opportunities in the c......

  • 28 de octubre de 2016

Egeda signs collaboration deal with Miami to promote the Spanish American and U.S. audiovisual industries

The Entidad De Gestión De Los Productores Audiovisuales (Egeda), which operates in Spain and several Latin American countries, signed a collaboration agreement with the City of Miami to promote economic initiatives and investment of the audiovisual industries in Spain, Latin America and the U.S.: fi......

  • 03 de diciembre de 2013