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El Rey del Valle

Claro video: With the arrival of El Rey del Valle 2 we hope to repeat the success of the first one

Claro video presents the second season of its original series El Rey del Valle (13x44´), directed by Rodrigo Ugalde and starring Osvaldo Benavides, Paulina Gaitán, Daniel Tovar and Biassini Segura. It will be available as of Thursday April 25 on the Claro Video platform. The co-production betw......

  • 03 de mayo de 2019

Jean Paul Jofré de Claro Chile: Sellamos alianzas con Crackle y Noggin para hacer más disponible el contenido

Jean Paul Jofré, director de Mercado Residencial de Claro Chile, expresó durante Chile Media Content que los servicios OTT crecen gracias a los mismos factores que en su momento hicieron crecer a la TV paga: disponibilidad y variedad del contenido.   Indicó que la TV paga en Chile......

  • 28 de noviembre de 2018

SPT: Our approach is to have a variety of projects for all clients

SPT Latin America is launching at MIPCOM, La Guzmán , a series inspired by the life of Alejandra Guzmán and Jade, a vintage production about an impossible love and the clash between two cultures; among other things. According to Ana Bond, senior VP and general director of International Production......

  • 18 de octubre de 2018

Claro Video: El Rey Del Valle is part of our strategy of opening to original and innovative content

El Rey Del Valle is the new co-production by Claro Video with Sony Pictures Television, in which, through comedy, they cover the topic of “Mirreyes” (millennials that don't work or study), with touches of drug dealing, that will be launched on Thursday August 23, in the aim to strengthen the strat......

  • 28 de agosto de 2018

Writer Juan Camilo Ferrand: With El Rey del Valle I am fulfilling my dream of making comedy for TV

For Juan Camilo Ferrand, author of the series El Rey del Valle (13x60’), a Sony Pictures Television production, that has its debut on Thursday on Claro Video for the region, was a goal he fulfilled of writing a comedy for TV. “People who know me are aware that I can do black comedy, it comes nat......

  • 28 de agosto de 2018

Sony presents several pilot programs, such as María Magdalena and El Rey del Valle

For LA Screenings, Sony Pictures Television is presenting several pilot programs: María Magdalena, El Rey del Valle, La Guzmán and La Conquista , as well as other non-scripted programs. “We are focused on good stories, regardless of the topics or genre. We have produced comedies, narcoseri......

  • 18 de mayo de 2018