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Vanesa Varela of Entrelíneas in #PRODUprimetime: A new wave is coming, a refreshing for the company

Vanesa Varela, operational director and screenwriter of the company Entrelíneas Producciones, was at #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra where she talked about the growth of the company in its seven years of operation and, in particular, the company’s evolution during the pandemic, and also the one ......

  • 16 de marzo de 2022

LatinUS Beauty: At the end of July we will present Lu, the Power of Us to two networks in the US

José Alberto “Güero” Castro, general director of Content of LatinUS Beauty and CEO of Entrelíneas, said that they estimate that by the end of July they will be ready to present the novel Lu, the Power of Us to two potential TV networks in the US for its distribution and broadcasting. “Right now ou......

  • 16 de junio de 2021

LatinUS Beauty: With Lu, The Power of Us we created an ideal story to tell

In Mexico, the LatinUS Beauty company announced an alliance with Club America, the women's soccer team, where several of its players will become ambassadors for the brand, and also the arrival of their products to Amazon Mexico. The launch included César Jaramillo, co-founder and member of the b......

  • 04 de junio de 2021

Lu: The Power of Us by Güero Castro

LatinUs Beauty, the first line of hair care products designed and formulated specifically for the needs of Latina's hair, launched an innovative marketing approach with the official trailer release of Lu: The Power of Us , a planned telenovela series starring powerhouse actresses Victoria Ruffo, Ma......

  • 15 de diciembre de 2020

Entrelíneas: We develop series for 11:11 Films & TV

David Barraza, the writer, founder, and Operations director of Entrelíneas Producciones assured that the company is experiencing a great moment and they are writing series and films in all the genres. It is the case of a series they are developing for 11:11 Films & TV. "Manolo and Juancho Cardo......

  • 25 de abril de 2019

Entrelíneas: We are focused on attracting new talent

José Alberto Castro, general director of Entrelíneas and executive producer at Televisa, assured that he is very happy with the development of his company Entrelíneas, focused on meeting and engaging new talent for 2019. The company, dedicated to the development of scripts, also offers courses for......

  • 27 de noviembre de 2018

Entrelíneas: We are going to start participating in production

José Alberto Castro, Founder and Executive Director of Entrelineas, spoke on en VIVO with Ríchard Izarra, in the context of the second anniversary of his company that feeds the industry with stories and scripts. “El Güero”, as he is called, assured that he is happy that his stories are already on......

  • 14 de septiembre de 2017

Entrelíneas: Televisa’s Pasión y Poder is a very ambitious story we will launch on October 5th

A few weeks after opening the offices of their production company Entrelíneas, José Alberto Castro, producer and executive director, assured they have already placed some projects on TV with Televisa and are closing alliances with film production companies. Also, he announced details of their new te......

  • 01 de octubre de 2015

Entrelíneas: We want to generate content for the diverse platforms in Mexico and LatAm

The producer José Alberto Castro inaugurated, with friends and the media, the company Entrelíneas, founded together with eight writers, in the aim to provide fresh content to the diverse platforms. "We are a team with vast experience in several disciplines. We have already closed some contracts, su......

  • 22 de septiembre de 2015

El Güero Castro starts new venture Entrelíneas to make scripts for TV, film, and the Internet

José Alberto Castro, best known as el Güero Castro, successful producer of telenovelas for Televisa, launched a company to produce ideas, scripts and screenplays for TV, film and the Internet, both for the local Mexican industry and for the international market. The name of the new venture is Entre......

  • 06 de agosto de 2015