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Erik Zuckermann

The Agency: We have projects like the one on Pancho Villa that can be interesting here and in China

The Agency, company owned by Érik Zuckermann that celebrates its 5th anniversary, seeks to boost the industry with productions, talents, scripts, businesses, going out into the market with a model to try to be like North American agencies. Previously, they tried to boost Mexico´s Cadenatres. ......

  • 01 de agosto de 2017
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Érik Zuckermann from The Agency about fiction production boom in Mexico: It is a trend that will continue and it comes from the US

Érik Zuckermann, general director of The Agency, stated that in the last few months they had had more work than in the 4 years since the company was created. It is dedicated to general productions, handling talent and serving as an agent for Mexican and international entertainment companies. He inf......

  • 12 de agosto de 2016
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Érik Zuckermann from The Agency now launches post-production Company in Mexico City: Kiri

Érik Zuckermann, founder of The Agency in México, also launches a post-production Company in Mexico City, Kiri, to serve the TV, film and advertising market, with special effects and a THX audio room, the ideal format by the famous US filmmaker, George Lucas. Without neglecting The Agency´s goals, ......

  • 26 de junio de 2015
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Argos rejoins Telemundo and Cadenatres will co-produce with Televen novelas to be distributed by Telemundo

Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Internacional, announced at Natpe that Argos would rejoin Telemundo to produce two telenovelas and one series per year. He also said Cadenatres of Mexico and Televen of Venezuela signed an agreement for the production of five telenovelas to be distributed ......

  • 24 de enero de 2012
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