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Hernán Cortés

Dopamine: Hernán will have a simultaneous launch on three platforms

At the end of November —very soon the exact date will be announced— Hernán, the series made by Dopamine on Hernán Cortés and his arrival to Mexico, will be launched simultaneously on streaming, pay-TV and open TV, something that happens for the first time, and that according to Fidela Navarro, CEO o......

  • 06 de septiembre de 2019
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Promo of Sabbatical´s The Arrival

Sabbatical Entertainment´s The Arrival celebrates Mexico’s notable advances in sciences, arts, sports and gastronomy as it features iconic Mexicans throughout history. This production revolves around the birth of a nation and a syncretic culture that transcends the meeting of two worlds: the m......

  • 29 de agosto de 2019
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Emilio Aliaga de Azteca Digital: Todos nuestros productos se lanzan con patrocinantes

Emilio Aliaga, VP de Azteca Digital, aseguró que todos sus productos digitales se lanzan con patrocinantes, debido a los resultados que han logrado. En el evento Azteca Mesh presentaron nuevo contenido original y más herramientas para potenciar el alcance de lo que ofrecen en sus canales, ahora a tr......

  • 16 de abril de 2019
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Damián Alcázar, lead actor of El Dandy by Sony/Teleset and Televisa: This is the TV that Mexico should have done since years ago

The Mexican actor Damián Alcázar, well known for his 30-year career path acting in films said that superseries like El Dandy (70X60'), in which he plays the role of a slum crook, it is the type of TV Mexico should have been doing for years now. "I always seek this type of series. This is the type......

  • 07 de abril de 2015
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