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Actor Erik Hayser: Telemundo has risked to show different projects

The actor Erik Hayser, star of Preso No. 1 , a Telemundo Global Studios production, co-developed together with Keshet International, assured that the greatest challenge his character posed was for him to portray the role of president different from the one he played in Ingobernable. “Ho...

  • 13 de septiembre de 2019
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Ted Sarandos from Netflix: Local creatives break paradigms in how to tell stories in LatAm

Latin American productions consolidate their presence on international platforms such as Netflix, which presented in Mexico City its new bets, including the original series Diablero , the 50th they produce in this region, as well as 19 comedy specials. Produced by Juan Gordon and Pedr...

  • 07 de agosto de 2017
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LatinWE firma a la guionista y productora Natasha Ybarra-Klor

La guionista y productora mexicoamericana, Natasha Ybarra-Klor, firmó contrato de exclusividad con Latin World Entertainment, la agencia de talento fundada por Luis Balaguer y Sofía Vergara. Natasha, hija del productor mexicano Epigmenio Ibarra, tiene el atractivo de ser bilingüe y de entende...

  • 05 de julio de 2017
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Argos: In Ingobernable we depict the confrontation of ideals and power

Ingobernable (15x60'), which premiered on Friday, March 24, will reach more than 190 countries and 96 million homes through the Netflix platform, and its producer, Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos, assured that OTT platforms are the best option to air content with topics that are freer.<...

  • 24 de marzo de 2017
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Caravana Uno: The set of Ingobernable we made consisted of four walls to deliver the appropriate look

Ingobernable , by Argos for Netflix, was shot simultaneously in Caravana Uno’s Gabriel García Márquez studios, and in San Diego, California, due to the situation of the main actress, Kate del Castillo, with the government of Mexico. In Caravana, an exact replica of the president’s offi...

  • 24 de marzo de 2017
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Actress Kate del Castillo is working on the possibility of doing the version in English of Las Aparicio de Argos

The rights over the series Las Aparicio were transferred to Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, who is working on the possibility of taking it to the US market in English. “I would like it to be a fun adaptation, but with the depth it originally has, with strong and intelligent women. We are...

  • 04 de diciembre de 2015
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