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Las malcriadas

Azteca America premiered Las Malcriadas on Monday October 8

Azteca America premiered Las Malcriadas ( Bad Maids ) on Monday October 8 at 8pm. Laura is a young journalist who suffers the loss of her mother. While going through her mother’s belongings, she discovers evidence that her biological mother was actually another woman. In fact, her...

  • 09 de octubre de 2018
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TV Azteca: With 3 Familias we complete our primetime with original production

Joshua Mintz, deputy to the Presidency and Fiction director of TV Azteca, stated during the initial clapboard of 3 Familias , Azteca 13's new bet for its comedy bar, that it will close the year with three productions of their own in primetime. "From here until the end of October, we wil...

  • 14 de septiembre de 2017
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TV Azteca Internacional: We placed Las Malcriadas and Dos Lagos on Amazon Prime Video

TV Azteca strengthens its presence on digital platforms by placing two of its new original productions on Amazon Prime Video: Las Malcriadas and Dos Lagos. The latter is launched simultaneously with Azteca 7 on November 9, as confirmed by Fidela Navarro, director of Azteca Internaciona...

  • 12 de septiembre de 2017
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TV Azteca: Las Malcriadas covers universal topics that make it internationally attractive

Las Malcriadas from TV Azteca is the bet made by Ana Celia Urquidi, general director of Strategic Development and Talent, for the next month. She assures it is a story that touches different threads, mainly two universal topics such as family and love, that makes it attractive to be one of th...

  • 05 de septiembre de 2017
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TV Azteca: Las Malcriadas underpins the identity of the new TV primetime bar

TV Azteca presented a preview of its new original production, Las Malcriadas (90x60’), whose shootings were to start at the end of May, under the production of Joshua Mintz. According to Fidela Navarro, director of TV Azteca Internacional, it is an example of the identity of Azteca 13´s new 9...

  • 02 de junio de 2017
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