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Lemon Studios

Netflix reloads La Bella y Las Bestias

La Bella y Las Bestias, a W Studios telenovela, created and written by Juan Camilo Ferrand in collaboration with Ana Bolena Meléndez y Jorge Cervantes, appears among the ten most popular in Mexico on Netflix. The series that had its debut on the platform on January 5, stars Esmeralda ...

  • 18 de febrero de 2020
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Lemon Studios brings a story incubator

For Carlos Quintanilla, VP of Research and Development at Lemon Studios, MIP Cancun serves as space for speed dating with new creators, emerging producers or those who have a path in the business, which allows them to pursue the trend that they will start cooking for next year’s contents. ...

  • 22 de noviembre de 2019
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Ventajas por auge de nuevas plataformas

Mayores oportunidades de negocio y la posibilidad de diversificar los temas que se abordan en las producciones, son solo dos de las ventajas que las productoras obtienen con la llegada de las plataformas. Ello fue parte del panel Producción de contenidos y oportunidades de distribución en nuevas ...

  • 08 de octubre de 2019
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Televisa´s  Como Tú No Hay Dos starts shooting

Through social networks, the official start of the shooting of Televisa´s new bet, Como Tú No Hay Dos , was revealed. The actors did the first reading of the script. Produced by W Studios for Televisa, joining Lemon Studios, the production will include Adrián Uribe and Claudia Martín as...

  • 02 de octubre de 2019
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Ventanarosa: Monarca depicts present-day Mexico

Netflix presented in Mexico City its new original Mexican series produced by Ventanarosa (Pepe Tamez and Salma Hayek), Stearns Castle (Michael McDonald) and Lemon Studios (Fer and Billy Rovzar), Monarca , that debuted on September 13 on the platform. Hayek was present together with the ...

  • 17 de septiembre de 2019
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Lemon Studios: Films and cinema tell stories whereas series develop characters

Fer Rovzar, director and producer of Lemon Studios, said on #VisitaPRODU that he is passionate about audiovisual content and mentioned the difference between a film and a series, saying that in a film a story is told, taking care of the details shot by shot, while a series, a character is developed,...

  • 23 de agosto de 2019
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Lemon Studios: To continue growing implies knowing how to grab the best projects in the market

Billy Rovzar, co-founder, CEO and producer of Lemon Studios, stated that 2018 was a good year for the production company. “We continue growing year after year, at least 10 to 15% each year. I hope this stops at some point. We must be careful with this stage in the company in which it might become mo...

  • 04 de enero de 2019
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Lemon Studios: With better scripts, Mexico will meet the standards of US productions

Billy Rovzar, co-founder, CEO, and producer of Lemon Studios, announced on #VisitaPRODU that the key to getting contracts with big television stations and new platforms is to always maintain the highest quality standards and never fail with a delivery. “We always have to smile and be very nic...

  • 28 de agosto de 2018
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#VisitaPRODU is a successful tool from PRODU for the industry

#VisitaPRODU, the first webcast, live and multicamera product in the industry, has become another successful tool from PRODU for the audiovisual business community that has been received with positive and encouraging comments. The live interview program, that can be watched on Facebook Live ...

  • 28 de agosto de 2018
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Director Carlos Cock from Contracara : We cover death from a nearby perspective

Carlos Cock, director of Contracara , the new W Studios and Lemon Studios production for Televisa, explained that the series approaches death from an angle never seen. He highlighted the top-of-the-line cast they have, led by Michel Brown, Angelique Boyer and Alejandro Nones, who manage...

  • 10 de agosto de 2018
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Lemon Studios: In August we start shooting Monarca for Netflix

After the alliance between Netflix, Ventanarosa–Salma Hayek´s production Company—Stearns Castle and Lemon Studios, for the development of the series Monarca , Billy Rovzar, general director of Lemon Studios, announced that in September or October they will start shooting, with locations in Mex...

  • 13 de julio de 2018
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Salma Hayek’s Ventanarosa, Lemon Studios and Stearns Castle produce Monarca for Netflix

Netflix announced today that its latest original series from Mexico, Monarca , will begin production this fall and will launch globally in 2019. The new series starring Irene Azuela ( Quemar Las Naves, El Hotel de Los Secretos, Las Oscuras Primaveras ) will follow the world of we...

  • 05 de julio de 2018
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W Studios is making two to three productions a year

Carlos Bardasano, SVP of General Content at W Studios, stated that Contracara , the new series for Televisa they are jointly making with Lemon Studios, covers a different topic, esoteric and supernatural, which they had never done before: life after death. “Leonardo Padrón is writ...

  • 01 de junio de 2018
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Cinelatino premieres serie s Paramédicos

Cinelatino is set to launch the fast-paced Mexican medical drama series Paramédicos on Sunday, April 29, at 10pm ET/7pm PT & 11pm ET/8pm PT. Inspired by real-life events and experiences from the Mexican Red Cross, the series centers around a group of paramedics who face extreme and un...

  • 26 de abril de 2018
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Director Mario Gallegos: Con cámaras Canon logramos llevar diversas líneas narrativas de la serie

Descontrol es una serie de 10 episodios producida por W Studios y Lemon Studios, que lleva a sus personajes al límite, lo cual permite jugar con diversas narrativas visuales que logramos con muy poco equipo, utilizando productos Canon y Dedolight, indicó Mario Gallegos, director de ...

  • 09 de enero de 2018
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Lemon Studios: Paramédicos is the most important production we have in the company

Two years after the end of its second season, Paramédicos is back with the third delivery to Canal Once, supported by the Mexican Red Cross and under the production of Lemon Films, with Fernando and Billy Rovzar as the main leaders. The latter assures it is the most relevant production the Co...

  • 08 de septiembre de 2017
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