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Santiago Galindo

The industry is shocked by the death of the producer Santiago Galindo

The industry regrets the death of the Mexican producer Santiago Galindo on the morning of Wednesday, July 11 in Mexico City. Social networks were the means to deliver their condolences and highlight his work. He was one of the most prolific producers in international TV. Twitter was the social ne......

  • 12 de julio de 2018

Rubén Galindo from Televisa: Hoy Voy a Cambiar marks the return of the Galindos to fiction production

The biographic series Hoy Voy a Cambiar (21x60’), based on the life of the Mexican Singer Lupita D’Alessio, will be on the air starting August 20 at 9pm on Las Estrellas and marks the return of the producers Rubén and Santiago Galindo to the fiction format after 12 years (their last production was......

  • 15 de agosto de 2017

Santiago Galindo of Televisa: It’s the beginning of a long journey with Hoy voy a cambiar

On Monday 27, in southern Mexico City began the shooting of the first scene of the bio-series Hoy voy a cambiar , produced by Ruben and Santiago Galindo of Televisa. Hoy voy a cambiar features the life of Lupita D’Alessio, a woman that with her privileged voice gained success and fa......

  • 31 de marzo de 2017

Televisa: Parodiando returns in an extended version, and in a format to be produced in other countries

Televisa presented the cast -starring Héctor Sandarti as host- of the third season of their original format Parodiando , Noches de Traje (15x150’), produced by Rubén and Santiago Galindo, which debuted on Sunday September 6th at 8:30pm on El Canal de las Estrellas in Mexico. It is back with tech......

  • 10 de septiembre de 2015

Televisa: Recuerda y Gana and Parodiando are two new contents for Sunday prime time

The host and director, Mauricio Castillo, joined the cast of Adal, El Show as part of the sketch Flash Informativo , resuming the couple he did with Adal Ramones in Otro Rollo . Castillo, who is also an actor, mentioned that, alongside this, he continues shooting the program Miembros al Aire ......

  • 08 de septiembre de 2015

Televisa Producer Rubén Galindo: Six months working on Va Por Ti for Univisión, premiering in September

Televisa producers Rubén and Santiago Galindo, who recently closed the season of Bailando Por Un Sueño with over 23 rating points, announced the premiere of their new reality Va Por Ti ( This One’s For You ), produced for Univisión. The show has been in pre-production for six months. Popular tel......

  • 17 de julio de 2014

Televisa’s Bailando Por Un Sueño returns April 27th with big new things

Santiago and Rubén Galindo offered a preview of the third season of Bailando Por Un Sueño , which will air Sundays at 8pm starting April 27th on Canal de las Estrellas of Televisa. Show hosts Adrián Uribe and Livia Brito, introduced the celebrities who will appear in the show, which will run for 1......

  • 16 de abril de 2014