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Argos Media Group and Population Media Center create an Educational Entertainment center to produce fiction based on social issues

Argos Media Group and Population Media Center (PMC) created an Educational Entertainment Center that aims at the production of entertaining and commercial novels or melodramatic fiction that incorporate social issues that encourage individual changes and, eventually, collective. Cecilia Orvañanos, ......

  • 21 de octubre de 2022

Rosy Ocampo from TelevisaUnivision: The success of Vencer lies in its relevant and modern topics

For Rosy Ocampo, producer of TelevisaUnivision, the success of the Vencer franchise, whose fourth installment, Vencer La Ausencia premieres on Univision in the US on Tuesday the 25th at 8pm, lies in covering relevant and modern topics that are not long (80x60'). “Each chapter is different, deals ......

  • 14 de octubre de 2022

Televisa´s Rosy Ocampo: Fourth and fifth seasons of franchise Vencer are already in process

The Vencer franchise, already with three seasons, and all with great success in Mexico on Las Estrellas channel and in the US on Univision, will continue with a fourth and even fifth seasons which are already developing, and all available for the international market. The announcement was made by ......

  • 16 de julio de 2021

Televisa: Fábrica de Sueños continues

Televisa celebrated its party in the context of Natpe. Patricio Wills, president of Televisa Studios, recounted the productions they successfully launched in 2019, highlighting El Dragón , Ringo , Sin Miedo a la Verdad , Cuna de Lobos and La Usurpadora . He announced a new title from Fábrica ......

  • 31 de enero de 2020