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Hans Emanuel

Hans Emanuel from Garage Films: The Hispanic market is going through a great moment and I am thrilled to be part of that process

28 de marzo de 2016

Hans Emanuel was born in California. He is the son of a Mexican mother and a German father and grew up between Europe, the US and Mexico. His first creative passion was the violin. Living in New York, he then dedicated to digital design and afterwards, in Spain, he started filming fashion videos. At the same time he ventured into fiction videos and made his first short films as a director. His short film Cajas won numerous awards and was screened at the Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival). In recent years he has become well-established as an advertising director, specialized in fashion and beauty. He lives in L.A. and is part of the Garage Films family. Every day he ventures into new projects in Europe, Mexico, the U.S. and Russia.

"I definitely have great influence from each one of the cultures I was raised in and they all affect my creative process in a dynamic way. Having grown up in LA gave me a special  relaxed and artistic West Coast sensitivity, but with an eye that adds an entertainment aspect to my work. On the German side I have a structure that lives inside me, that allows me to control my mind a bit when it goes crazy and wild. My Latin side gave me passion, raw human emotions, feelings. I always look for stories that have certain sensitivity with feelings. I am very visual but I prefer things that also have a story, that tell something that makes us feel" explained Emanuel. 

As a multicultural director that has lived in several countries, he hopes all these influences are reflected in each piece he makes. Living in Paris, the Mecca of fashion and beauty, he discovered the world of advertising. "French film culture has played a decisive role in my development. What attracted me the most to the beauty genre was the magic of creating films that have their own surreal worlds. I was very much attracted by the creation of sets and the feeling of exiting reality for a moment" he said. My parents also worked in fashion, so I had a story there. My last short films have greatly included the presence of women and the feminine psyche, so I think that might have created a bridge to easily cross over from short films to commercials".

Emanuel finds inspiration in each corner and feels that an important part of "being creative is to be like a sponge with life, to absorb things around you and take them to your own world of creation". He loves to collect references, specially paintings, since he works a lot with light. "Filming in Barcelona for the first time, I met my art director. We sat down in the place where we went  and he took out a book by the painter Hammershoe, who painted the rooms in his own house. We studied design, the entrance of winter Scandinavian light. That was a nice moment I´ll always remember, when two creative people sit down, imagine and dream together".

If I could travel in time to meet a director I would choose Luis Buñuel. "Along with the similarity of countries we were influenced by: Spain, France and Mexico, I love his surreal world and his methods to study dreams. I have always felt attracted by that group of artists and their movement. I feel that that part of the universe of cinema was very brave and avant garde for its time. It was an experimental phase and, according to what I´ve read in interviews to people who worked with Buñuel, it was full of heart, passion for life and dreams" he expressed.

For Emanuel, the Hispanic market is going through a great moment and he is thrilled to be working in it and being part of that process. "Having been raised in LA with a Mexican mother allowed me to witness the struggle to find our voice and our place in the US, and we have managed to do that. It is a marvelous moment for all of us. I see it in the films and commercials. We are increasingly leaving our mark, creating our position and I want to be a part of this. I am very excited over the fact that Garage Films, the production company I´ve worked with for years, is opening its offices in the US. It is a company in which we all feel very close, both in our work as in our personal life. I hope to share this journey with Fermín Vilanova, with whom I have a strong connection".  

Although he couldn´t dedicate his work to someone in particular, because he feels that directing is what has allowed him to find a role in his life and that it is what he breathes, he says his mother is the person who has supported him during his entire career and has motivated him to reach his dreams.

He is currently tackling several projects in Mexico, Russia and Colombia. At the same time, he is working on the development of his first feature film. "It isn´t my first script, but it is the first time I find an idea that represents me. It represents in 360º what I do in commercials and the roots of my first short film. They´ve been exciting months, because although the world of commercials is marvelous, with an illimited amount of creativity, it is good to find new ways to express myself personally. It is precisely what I expect from this new project".

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