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Christina Hodnet

Christina Hodnet from Whiskey Co: I am interested in the moment behind each moment

01 de abril de 2016

Cinema and photography are natural languages for Christina Hodnet. The director was raised in San Diego, California and since she was a young teenager she was in touch with cameras and film-making. She studied in The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. 

She is currently living between Los Angeles and Toronto with her husband, she has two small children and a lovely dog. In 2015 she joined the Whiskey Co. team and has already shot important campaigns for the Hispanic market and Latin America.
Hodnet is renown for her ability to work with babies, children, families, teenagers, fashion and scenes with complex emotions. Along with having an excellent artistic eye and an impeccable style, she knows perfectly well what she can obtain from children by being gentle and soft. "Regardless of the market, the culture or the language in which we are shooting, a mother is a mother and we all have common feelings we identify with" she explained.

Her clients include Disney, Bell, Orange Mobile, Pampers, Sears, Betty Crocker, Wal-Mart, Marshals, Tylenol, Smythe Les Vetes, Canon, Campbell’s, Hasbro, Similac,Billy Bee, Tide , Nestlé, Smuckers and Health Canada.

The filmmaker reveals the beauty in imperfection and in rare and natural moments of life. To find the small hues that turn a moment into something unique is her passion. "I am interested in the moment behind each moment. The photo you get rid of because it isn´t perfect, but that actually reveals more about your life than the cute, charming one" she said. Authenticity and honesty are values that resonate in each one of her images.
Thanks to her relationship with the production company Whiskey, she has ventured into the Hispanic market. "Working with Latinos is easier, because they are very open more connected with their emotions and relaxed in front of the camera. They are marvelous people and discovering their culture has been fascinating for me. I am forever grateful to Whiskey for introducing me to the Hispanic market. Although I don´t speak Spanish, I have always been able to direct without any problem working with the Whiskey team".

Recently, Hodnet filmed with the Whiskey offices in Mexico, Miami, Chile and Colombia. "I love to work with Whiskey, it´s amazing how consistent their work is no matter where we´re shooting. They focus a lot on creativity and always support me with ideas. They are also fun, respect the director, the agency and always achieve a great product" she said to end.

Production Company:
Whiskey Co, USA  
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