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Hernán  Bargman

Hernán Bargman from Fight Films: Having less resources in general puts us in an interesting place to force us to think and do new things

26 de septiembre de 2016

Hernán Bargman is an Argentinean Director who started his career as an Editor in the set with a company called La Maquinola. "Those days were great, I went from one shooting to another, editing, trying to collaborate with directors. It was a very enriching exercise, in several aspects: the experience I gained as an Editor, but also because I was on the set, which is where I really wanted to be. Since I wanted to direct, I was super focused on understanding everything that went on in that place. I learned a great deal" he commented.

Bargman feels especially comfortable working with comedy, but in general he enjoys watching and imagining how each script he receives will unfold. "On shooting days, after all the work, the ups and downs, all the problems that have to be solved, the moment finally comes and that is what I like the most about directing" he mentioned.

When this director commits to a project, he strives to be very clear about what he is telling: the content, what needs to be expressed. "If the story is well told, if we focus on that as a main goal, we´re on the right path." Digital advertising represents an interesting space for Bargman. "The possibility of having more time to tell and less resources in general, puts us in an interesting place to force us to think and do new things."

His most recent projects include TyC JJOO, with the Mercado Mccann team. "It is a fun piece, with which we were lucky to win the Lápiz de Oro award". Movistar + for Spain is another of the projects he enjoyed very much. He worked with a very fun casting. "The last thing was a campaign for Joma, a sports clothing brand, that aired a commercial for the first time after 50 years, nice responsibility" he said.

In the future, Hernán Bargman hopes to enjoy his occupation more and more. "I always try to contribute something, playing and having the illusion of a new project" he ended.

Production Company:
Fight Films, USA
Contact: Sebastián Soneira
T +54-911-5424-5912

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