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Juan  Taratuto

Juan Taratuto from Letca Films: If Virtual Reality is capable of moving us, if it makes us laugh or cry, I have no doubt it will be adopted

03 de octubre de 2016

Juan Taratuto was born in Buenos Aires and studied at the Universidad del Cine. He has directed six feature films and and confessed that making movies was the only way he found it possible to design what happens in life at his will and without any setbacks.

His films; No Sos Vos Soy Yo (2004), Quien Dice que es Fácil (2007), Un Novio para mi Mujer (2008), La Reconstrucción (2013), Papeles en el Viento (2015) and Me Casé con un Boludo (2016); have been adapted in Colombia, Mexico, Italy and South Korea.

Throughout his career he has been recognized in several festivals and spaces. He is the winner of the Clarin Award, and has also won awards in festivals such as Lérida, Tublinga (Germany), among others. His film La Reconstrucción, succeeded in the Flandes, Abu Dhabi and Valladolid festivals. Taratuto directed Ciega a citas and won the Martín Fierro Award for best Telecomedia 2010 and was also nominated to the International Emmy Award. He has won awards in the Clio, Fiap, Círculo de Creativos and Caribe Festivals.

In 2009 he founded Concreto Films, together with Dolores Llosas and Georgina Orellana, where he has been dedicated to film, TV, and advertising production. In the U.S. Hispanic market he is represente by Letca Films.

For Taratuto, the biggest challenge a director has is "not to lose touch with his feelings, not lose his sight of the world, not take his feet off the street and love relationships." His quest as a filmmaker is focused on "filming with increasing subtlety and less words."

A scene this director would like to film shows an immigrant, illiterate father attending his son's graduation ceremony. "That used to happen in my country, and it allowed a social ascent that is impossible nowadays" he said.

The director feels that undoubtedly having played as a child with playmobil was what allowed him to start devising stories. Among the directors he admires and who have accompanied him throughout his career path are Woody Allen, Nanni Moretti, the Dardene brothers and Kaurismaki.

In the light of the evolution advertising has undergone with the implementation of new platforms and technological tools, Taratuto says “new technologies will succeed if they manage, like cinema did 100 years ago, to convey emotions. If Virtual Reality is capable of moving us, if it makes us laugh or cry, I have no doubt it will be adopted. If it doesn't, it will be left for amusement parks like it happened with 3D.”

In 2016 he released Me Casé con un Boludo, a film that had an audience record for Argentina and a great box office in the Hispanic market in the U.S. He is now writing two projects he would like to shoot: "The adaptation of a novela, and a script of my own that I have been carrying around in my head for eight years" he said. In the future, Taratuto would like to have more space for observation and less meetings."

Production Company:
Letca Films, USA
Contact: Melina Acevedo
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