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Riki  Saúl

Riki Saúl from Ah!: I love brand communication and I feel honored to be able to take part in this

21 de octubre de 2016

Riki Saúl started his career in the advertising world in 1989 with a musical production company and an innovative proposal in the production of radio commercials, where he was acknowledged for the high level of his ideas and his production, both nationally and internationally. After, he founded Raya Producciones, that groups the following areas: films, music, radio commercials and photography for the advertising market, with professional teams of associate producers, directors and first-rate musicians for each area. He is currently working as an advertising Director with his new company, AH!, specialized in humor and acting, and still remains in Raya as a producer.

“I first approached directing in 2002. I already had experience directing actors, -mainly in aspects related with the voice- so my friends convinced me and I liked it very much. For me it was a fascinating world, but out of my reach. With the help of Martín Mercado, I started directing my first spots and haven't stopped since then. I did a couple of campaigns -Nescafé and Coca-Cola Rosa- that were a great boost for my career as a director" he said.

Saúl feels that through humor and acting is how he can best express himself and communicate in the audiovisual format. "I think humor as a resource is so interesting and broad that it is the one that appeals to me the most. I identify with humor to convey ideas because that way they reach people very well" he highlighted.

As opposed to many directors who combine fiction with commercials, Saul is proud of his passion for commercials. "I like advertising very much, it fascinates me as a tool to tell stories. I love brand communication and feel honored to be able to take part in this."

For the film maker, it is very important to feed off literature, cinema, art. "All this nourishes you when you are sitting in front of a script." His favorite Director and who has inspired him most is Woody Allen, mainly for his dialogues and they way he handles humor. If he could choose a film from history to direct, it would be Thelma and Louise. It is a fantastic movie, that I loved because it gives you the impression that nothing much is going to happen, and then it grows and grows.”

Saúl emphasized that he finds branded content fascinating. “Beyond great ads, the important thing is to have good ideas and to be able to translate them into any media. I hope I can continue making good ideas in the audiovisual language, constantly updated thanks to technology. Currently, the main problem is the low budgets clients are willing to allocate to digital pieces. It is important for them to understand that production quality requires investment."

AH! has been in the market for less than a year. An important goal for them is to be a great collaboration team and be able to work on ideas together with creatives from the start. "I think this alliance can add a lot to projects." His clients include Coca-Cola, Virgin Mobile, Chery, Nextel and the beverage group CCU. “I was lucky to work for Virgin Mobile and would love to continue working for a brand like that.”

For 2017, the Director would like to work in other places besides Argentina, so he is opening operations in LatAm and in U.S. Hispanic. So far he has representation in Chile, Peru and Brazil.

Production Company:
Ah!, Argentina
Contact: Riki Saúl
T +54-11-4777-0292

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