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Geordie Stephens

Geordie Stephens from Carbo Films: I specialize in storytelling and acting with a lot of comedy work

31 de octubre de 2016

Director Geordie Stephens' career began in advertising years ago. In Crispin Porter he was consecrated as one of the 10 best Art Directors in the world and his non-traditional perspective of ads and marketing earned him hundreds of awards.

His university training shows where his conception of visual and cinematic language come from. Stephens completed a BFA in Sculpture and Installation Art following then a MFA in graphic design. His work as Art Director for IKEA, Truth, Virgin Atlantic, Burger King, Sprite, and the VW campaign, winner of the Grand Clio, paved his path to direction.

Eric Joiner, Founder at the production Company Tool, invited him to venture into audiovisual production. Since 2009, he has received international acknowledgement for his campaigns and commercials. He has won Lions in Cannes, Clios, Addys, ADC, among others. The brands he has shot for include Nokia, Amazon, Krystal Burger, Help Remedies, Bud Light, Minute Maid, and more.

He continues to be part of the Tool team in the general U.S. market, but joined Carbo Films for representation in the Hispanic market.

Stephens has many campaigns in the Mexican market and in Latin America, and says he loves these cultures. He speaks a bit of Spanish and feels great attraction to the visual identity of these places.

The filmmaker defines himself a specialist in storytelling and acting with lot of comedy work. His style is fresh and full of innovative images; it has allowed him to experiment in different formats and media. He is currently developing long format projects for HBO and Netflix and is filming a campaign in Poland.

Production Company:
Carbo Films, USA
Contact: Dora Medrano
T +1-310-823-5400

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