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Uri Segarra

Uri Segarra from Letca Films: I am always pursuing the perfect sequence, the excellent piece

21 de noviembre de 2016

Director Uri Segarra defines himself as a madman who is always pursuing excellence and a great frame. He finds great pleasure in the preparation of a shooting, mainly in the initial stage when he writes the visualization; and he is also greatly fulfilled during the shooting, when the creative process reaches its zenith. His interest as a filmmaker is focused "on obtaining the perfect sequence, an excellent piece and if it can be in a long take, much better, I love those long shots.”

His recent clients include: “Izzi, in the Mexican market, a great advertisers I am joined to through several campaigns. I have had the honor to make the brand launching campaign, and the TV launching one, as well. Pornhub is, undoubtedly, the best advertising that is being made, and it is the work of my estimated Office&Gentleman. Volkswagen, Simón, A3media, Aegon, and a very special film with Ogilvy&Mather Madrid for the Blood Bank” he said.

Segarra narrated that when he was very young, his father had a super 8 camera and, although his photographic reports weren't very good, nor interesting, the images projected on the wall, that texture, made him fall in love with cinema. "I started with photos and soon realized I would love to bring them to life, so I ended up shooting.”

Humor storytelling, in his own words, funny, absurd and narrative, is his favorite genre. Throughout his career, he has been recognized for his work on multiple occasions. He has won in Cannes, FIAP, One Show, El Sol, Effie, CDC, Eurobest, among others. He is currently part of Letca Films and is exclusively devoted to advertising. He has a documentary, which he filmed four years ago.

His references include Dougal Wilson, Dante Ariola, Frederik Bond, Adam Berk and Ivan Zacharias; Haneke's narrative, Christopher Nolan's films, Haruki Murakami's descriptive sense, Neruda's poetry, Serra's work and Foster's notes. Each week he updates a special playlist when he is going to shoot, where he always includes (to start the shooting) Feo, Fuerte y Formal by Loquillo.

His advice for beginning Directors is "not to renounce to their talent, their character. Even though people shatter your ideas, carry them out, it's the only way we can enjoy your talent."

Production Company:
Letca Films, USA
Contact: Melina Acevedo
T +1-305-860-3833

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