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Adri Laham

Adri Laham from Fight Films: I seek to give power from the image to what we need to communicate

05 de diciembre de 2016

Adri Laham studied at the Escuela Superior de Cinematografía in Buenos Aires. Before she began her career, she already knew that she wanted to be a Filmmaker, because for many years she had worked in feature films and in advertising as Art Director and Assistant Director. “Was a straight-forward step, a wish that came naturally” she said. She completed her training with studies of Art History, Staging and Film Script.

She began her career as Director at Peluca Films, where she gained national and international renown. She has won many awards, including a Bonze Lion at the Cannes Festival for the commercial “Pueblo” for Chevrolet Corsa, which she did with McCann Erickson Argentina.

Currently she is part of the Fight Films team and works for brands such as VW, P&G, Farmacity, Nissan, GM. Among her more recent clients are: Coca Cola, Exxon Mobil and Vodafone.

Her Director's style is extremely personal, favoring storytelling, esthetic and acting. “What moves me more is storytelling, working with actors and deepening in the ways of communicating the concepts of each script, according to the brand, the target, the product” she explained. “I love to narrate with the camera. Humor, classic storytelling and new ways of narrative, based on cinematographic resources.”

As an artist, she puts particular attention to “generating vital sensations, giving power from the image to what we need to communicate.”

For Laham the future of advertising looks very interesting, because she considers that everything has changed. “I feel there is a review in the brands, agencies and producers side, we all must try to discover the path. Clearly, the future that science fiction foresaw and we read as kids has arrived, we're living it. It's a super special moment, of transition, to encourage ourselves to seek, to try new things” she said.

If she had the opportunity to travel back in time and meet any Director she would choose Stanley Kubrick, because he was a great visionary. “The great Filmmaker of all times, from my point of view. Because what was brilliant about him as an artist didn't end in thinking, conceiving ideas or imagining his craft, but in his dedication to build teams of people that invented, developed and created (along with him) the technical ways needed to achieve what he had imagined” she said.

She has had a great experience working for the Hispanic market. Some of the brands she would like to work with are: Adidas, Ikea and H&M. “For some months now, I've been working in a series of fiction stories that I would like to publish” she concluded.

Production Company:
Fight Films, USA
Contact: Sebastián Soneira
T +54-911-5424-5912

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