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Jorge  Abarca

Jorge Abarca from ACA Films: We are at the best moment to test, take risks and find new narrative forms

30 de enero de 2017

Jorge Abarca was raised in the U.S. by a family with great taste for art. Since his early childhood, his parents (of Mexican descent) took him to the theater, circus, classical music concerts, and of course, to the cinema.

“I remember that my mother bought a Beta camera when I was six years old, and that was probably the best summer of my childhood. In that moment, I didn't know that that event will make me a Director” Abarca said. “I loved to gather my friends, neighbors, everyone I could put in front of the camera to produce my homemade movies. I recreated Indiana Jones and Jaws scenes, and even I did my own short films and showed them in school. From that time on I have had a camera in my hands.”

He is currently based in Los Angeles, where he has established as a Director, Writer, and Photographer. His style stresses a unique visual narrative. He has worked in campaigns for clients such as MTV London, The Coca Cola Company, Pepsi, Miller Lite, Verizon Wireless, Cerveza Victoria, and Cerveza Sol, among others.

He is part of the ACA Films' team and highlighted that it's very complicated to find a production house with an open mind that supports its Directors when they're working on non-advertising projects. “For me personal projects, whether its cinema, photography or painting, are as important to film the biggest commercial. With ACA Films, I don't only have support, but the drive to work in these projects. Until now the experience has been wonderful” he explained.

His creative restlessness has made him a pioneer in virtual reality (VR), branded content and 360º. Currently he is working in a drama series in VR, which is in the preproduction phase.

“One of the great virtues of VR is that it's a relatively new media that is moving fast. Technology advances, literally each day. So, we are at the best moment to test, take risks and find new narrative forms” he said. “VR is changing the way we live content and we should take this opportunity, but also as creators we have a responsibility and we must discern between the content we should be doing for a media and the one we shouldn't.”

Abarca gets his inspiration from the German expressionism cinema and fashion photography. “I've seen The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari more than 100 times, the same goes for Nosferatu and Metropolis. The photographs of Recuenco, Knight and Meisel are part of my inspiration key” he said. “Deciding for a favorite Director is very complicated, but I believe that nobody tells stories like Spielberg, no one exceeds Michael Bay's visual style, and if you want to travel, David Lynch should be your guide.”

During the first decade of his career, Abarca was filming commercials and music videos. “Advertising was the first door that opened to me when I finished film school. I submerged completely in that world and it has been fun. Currently I am closer to the narrative world. I continue to film commercials, but my main focus are long formats. I did two shows for AMC and Discovery, and I'm working in a feature film and some branded contents.”

The 2017 visual trends -according to Abarca- are: “VR, there will be more advertising and narrative use of this technology; real branded content, because nowadays there are many things called branded content, and in fact it is a more stretched out advertising, and also a lot of content in social platforms.”

In the future, he would like to work commercially with cars, and with content production for brands like Chanel or Dior.

Production Company:
ACA Films, USA
Contact: Gloria Ortega

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