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Hernán Enríquez

Hernán Enriquez from Whiskey Co: My Story as a Director Is Based on Determination

13 de febrero de 2017

Whiskey Co. offers a wide roster of Directors throughout Latin America and the U.S. However, the Argentinean Filmmaker, Hernán Enríquez is the one that specializes in product shots.  

“My story as a Director is based on determination” explained Hernán. “When I was working as a Director's Assistant, my Partner (currently my wife) told me something that touched me: 'If you don't think of yourself as a Director, nobody will.' Two days later, I quit. I was in the middle of a featured film, with no other offer, two hundred percent nerves and anxiety. Months later, I received a proposal to direct a commercial. That was 20 years ago, and since then, I never stopped.”

Enríquez is one of the first to graduate in the career of Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires, where he additionally took part in the Art History, Audiovisual Design and Kinetic Graphic Design courses. “It was a very new career back then, everything was being formed, and the organization was pretty chaotic. Thanks to chaos, I met Directors, Designers, Psychologists, Philosophers, Artists, people with dissimilar views on a same topic, masters who forced me to have open ideas, and where doubts became part of my essence” he said.

His career was strengthened by the opening of the Argentinean market and since then, it has been recognized in national and international markets for its high aesthetic level.

Enríquez language consists of abstract images and his main interest is to communicate beauty. "Understanding this term as a general thing that encompasses harmony, balance; where the final image is as important as the process to achieve it” he added. When he enters the set, he focuses entirely on the job and abstracts himself from anything that isn't the creation of the image he is seeking.

“Sometimes, inspiration is your friend, and sometimes it isn't. But I don't think I am mistaken if I say that it is very much related with your own inner growth” he said. If he had to choose a single film to take to outer space, it would be Terry Gillian's children film, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. “It was so surprising for me, I was totally thrilled. I still remember the phrase: “everything is possible” and I would like to preserve it, not as a cinematic value –which it does have— but more like a memory of those feelings.”

For the Director, the ideal client is the one that is willing to do something different, who allows space to be explored during the process of finding new things. “The trend for 2017 will be pieces that are told with honesty, regardless of the technique or format, just from a fresh, original place where the person who sees it, believes it.”

Production Company:
Whiskey Co, USA
Contact: Jean Sharony
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