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Roi Ricci

Roi Ricci from Nunchaku: Working In Different Countries Contributes To Personal And Professional Growth

13 de marzo de 2017

Argentinian Director Roi Ricci comes from the postproduction world. He began his career editing feature films and then commercials, so the natural next step was to direct them. “Let's say that what I learned first was the language and afterwards applying it in a set” he said.

Directing is what Ricci enjoys the most because each day his work is different. “One day can be piling 5 trucks one over the other and other day eliciting a subtle expression from an actor” he said.

Due to his feature films editing experience, his strength is working with actors. “Oddly enough, what we do editing feature films is making actors perform. Choosing each right moment to create a flawless execution.” He also feels very comfortable with projects with a strong storytelling or with a documentary approach.

Being able to bring projects to life is crucial for him. He is concern they don't feel rough or dull, able to generate honest and straightforward sensations. “I think that with new technologies we are facing a world saturated with messages. Finding your own voice within that cacophony is a search for every Director” he said.

Even though Ricci experience with VR and 360º is just limited to watch videos in Google Cardboard with his son, he assures it's going to be a great trend. “For someone used to shot-reverse-shot this changes everything and opens a new page. However, it still has to find its own language, it's a beautiful challenge for all of us in this. It was very interesting what they did with the Mr. Robot series and it's a good start to develop this new language” he said.

In 2016 he worked with several clients worldwide, but he consolidated working in cars commercials for Fiat in Italy, Mazda in Japan and Nissan in Mexico. “Always with a narrative and human approach” he explained.

He highlighted that the most memorable campaigns are those that feel authentic. “For example, in the Chevrolet Capitales campaign we found a poem during the edition that completely changed the commercial, giving it a stronger approach. Another memorable campaign was Tuvalu for LG Smart TV. In this case, the fact of bringing closer to the great audience such a distant reality was a beautiful challenge and it was a very rewarding project.”

Currently he is focus in his professional career, seeking for new projects and countries where to work as a Director. “I believe that working in different countries generates a symbiotic relation that contributes to your personal and professional growth. Regarding advertising or personal projects, I want to continue to consolidate my narrative profile, and also explore more documentaries.”

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