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Sebastián Sánchez

Sebastián Sánchez From Letca: Media Is Heading Towards A Personalized Future

20 de marzo de 2017

Sebastián Sánchez was born in 1977 in Buenos Aires, around the same time that punk and hip-hop were made known to the world. Since he was a child, music had an important place in his life. “My father made me listen to classical music and I had to guess the composer when I was barely six years old" he said. He took part in a children's music record as a singer and grew up surrounded by cassettes and vinyl records, which turned into CDs and videoclips when he became a teenager.

The arrival of VHS and videoclubs took him closer to the film language. "The 90´s arrived with MTV, and when I tried, I could no longer separate music from image. Michel Gondry, Chris Cunningham and Anton Corbjin had the job I wanted" he narrated.

He started his career as a Director filming music videos for renown artists, including Babasónicos, Julieta Venegas, and Gustavo Cerati. “I was lucky to make music videos for influential artists in its peak time. Their videos have been a huge inspiration for me and many others" he mentioned. Throughout his career, he was recognized for these pieces.

In 2006 he was approach by Tarsem to shoot the second piece of his film, The Fall. Since that moment, he hasn't stopped filming for big brands and agencies in different markets. He is currently a partner and founder of Austria, an Argentinian production company; however, he has recently joined Letca Films for his representation in the U.S. Hispanic market. "We are working hard to enter the market, making ourselves known and understanding each other more."

Sánchez has never liked to be pigeonholed in a single style, but he highlighted that he would be lying if he didn't say that his strength is visual comedy. His main interest as a filmmaker is experimenting. "I like to try to learn something new in each project." For the past twelve months, he has worked with brands such as Personal, Pepsi, Movistar, Volkswagen, and OLX.

If he could have chosen a film to direct, it would be Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain. “It's madness” he highlighted. Scorsese´s, Godard´s and Jodorowsky´s art, have been his inspiration in cinema.

For Sánchez, the future of advertising is going to be personalized. “Media is heading towards a personalized future, where you control contents. Therefore, the ad space must be in submerge within. Telling each one what he needs to hear."

He is currently working on a personal project in which he re-edits musical films from the 30's and 40's that are no longer distributed.

Production Company:
Letca Films, USA
Contact: Melina Acevedo
T +1-305-860-3833

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