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Pablo Fusco From BlackVan Films: I feel comfortable with projects that need a visual quest

10 de abril de 2017

The Argentinian Director, Pablo Fusco makes extraordinary the ordinary. He also stands out by telling stories and eliciting creativity, all through good humor. He feels comfortable with projects that need a visual quest. “I developed in a stage where comedy was a frequently used genre in Argentinian advertising to communicate an idea. My reel includes many humor pieces. It's a genre that always motivates to work” he said.

With pieces that express his passion for audiovisual language and brands communication, Fusco has been distinguished internationally in major festivals. During his prolific career, he also has acted as Art director, designer and photographer.

Since his infancy, he was drawn to filmmaking. “When I was a kid I was attracted to super 8. They used to play films on this format during some birthday parties. One of my uncles gave me a camera with which I filmed my toys or family reunions. I also loved to go to the movies. I was lucky to film my first advertising projects in 35 mm” he said. “In Los Angeles, Quentin Tarantino has a cinema room for only 35mm, I like to see movies there, is a way of reliving the past.”

The best way of learning how to direct a film is doing it, he said. He began training by watching other Directors, and finally he made the leap. “My previous experience in agencies helped me a lot, especially now when working with creatives and clients in different countries. Advertising allowed me to learn the codes, how they think and which are their different needs.”

Currently he is part of the BlackVan Films' family. “The experience has been good, we built a great team and agencies are starting to see it in each work we do. We filmed several projects in and out the U.S. with very positive results. The production company encompasses former advertising creatives and a Director/Producer, all with a great market experience. This unusual combination is reassuring and serves me as a fruitful working framework where I feel we all are tuned, always betting to do the best possible work.” Among his most recent clients is Wendy's, Toyota, Google, VW, Campari, Lotería de California, McDonald's, Sprint, and others.

Fusco believes that the technological developments and innovations will set the visual trends for 2017. But he highlighted that “the aesthetic will have to adapt to the idea intended to communicate in order to reinforce the message from the visual point of view.”

Fusco future's quest is to consolidate even more in the U.S. Hispanic market and continue to open to new markets. “I'm trying to get out from the pigeon-holing where they usually put us for the type of work I have in my reel. Motivation comes from the search for improvement and learning always something more” he said.

For him reflecting about the past is very important, but not in nostalgic and personal manner. “I think that understanding the past is the only way that enables you to make decisions to face the future. I began working in advertising with a Mac under my arm when those who did things in the traditional way were leaving the media. I started to film using the last meters of film left to enter the digital world. My idea is to continue to adapt to current times because I like to stay active and curious. But I still listen to vinyl records, watch 35 mm movies, and make pictures with film” he concluded.

Production Company: BlackVan Films
Contact: Pavel Cantu
T +1-310-720-1456

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