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Alejandro Sugich

Alejandro Sugich From Sula Films: My process with VR has been fascinating

17 de abril de 2017

Numbers and art can work together, even complement and live in one person. That's the case of Mexican Director at Sula Films, Alejandro Sugich, who majored in Economy, which in some ways helped him achieve his childhood dream of becoming a renowned Director and also to open easily to new technologies as virtual reality (VR). He founded Sula Film in 2008, and since then he has specialized in producing films in Mexico.

How did you go from the financial world to film directing?
It was clear to me since childhood that I wanted to do films, tell stories, live several lives within the Seventh Art. The day I realized that I didn't had an agreement with God granting me to live 80 years and had enough money in my account to cover my movie training, I decided to leave the corporate world, I was 27 years old. My financial and corporate knowledge has been crucial for me to grow as filmmaker and entrepreneur.

Why it is important today to make movies in Mexico?
There are many reasons. Personally, I think we have so much to tell about our country, so many stories, and now that people are coming back to watch Mexican cinema, it's possible to do it with great possibilities of not failing.

Which are the genres you feel more comfortable working with?
I am sort of chameleonic. I can do from comedy, crime drama, to supernatural terror. But today I am focusing in biopic.

How as a video-artist has been your exploration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)?
Before becoming a Filmmaker, my job included visiting and living during a short term in Silicon Valley. Technology has been an important part of my filmmaker development due to digital cinema and where Sula Films was a pioneer in Mexico. My process has been fascinating, because I came back to study the early days of cinema so I could understand that what we are living today with VR and AR is the beginning of a new media.

How does Sumo VR works?
Sumo VR is a company focusing in live action VR, Live VR, 360 and AR technologies. We do consulting for networks and multinational companies that want to get in and use this technology in several of their processes. The company was founded in Venice, California in late 2014 by Jens Kull, COO and Co-Founder, and me as CEO and Co-Founder. We have operations in the U.S. and in Mexico City. Nowadays we are preparing to launch our Oculuos Rift content application, which is called Omnisotry VR. We also are working with CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland, Discover VR, the University of Arizona, among others in different economic activities items. We've a rental of 360 cameras department where we create our own RIG for four and five 4K cameras, we specialize in filming in low light conditions and 360 aerial shots.

How you envision advertising's future?
Regarding production, I see a mix of companies developing different disciplines to help deliver a unique message which then is distributed into different screens. It's the time for alliances.

Which are the visual trends for 2017?
Cinema, webseries, series, digital content, VR as visual concepts.

If you could go back in time and meet any director, who it will be and why?
Stanley Kubrick and Orson Wells, because apart of being my favorites in innovating the Seventh Art, there is a before and after with these great visionaries.

Which are your more recent projects?
Helena is my most recent film as Director and that will debut this year. We also are in the co-production stage of my first art film titled Moronga by John Dickie, and a lot of VR consulting for clients which I can't disclose for now.

Where is Alejandro Sugich and Sula Films heading towards the future?
As a company, this year Sula Films will be producing two feature films and we're betting in TV series. In advertising, we will seek for agencies and clients willing to take the risk with us developing short cinematographic concepts to advertise their products. Personally, I will be trying to write and direct more contents, continue to take risks and creating more innovative concepts for VR and AR.

Production Company: Sula Films, México
Contact:Julieta Perales
T +52-1-55- 6647-0421

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