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Paco Cruz

Paco Cruz From Cortez Brothers: My future is in the Latin and American Market

24 de abril de 2017

Paco Cruz majored in Cinema at the University of Proto in Portugal. Since his early career, he has been recognized at the most important festivals. Today he is totally devoted to advertising, but he hopes to explore fiction in the future. His reel include works for Vodafone, Honda, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Danone and National Lottery. In his pieces, he explores different formats and production methods including stop motion, animation, CGI and 3D. His favorite genre is, without doubt, comedy.

When did you decide to become a director?
It's a very good question, and to be honest I can't really tell you when it happened, it was something that started to take shape along the way. When I was in College (here in Europe) I made a short-film that was selected to be screened in the Cannes Film Festival. After Cannes everything started to make sense and the doors began to open. So, I guess, that I could say that it was the moment.

How will you define your visual style?
I always try to find the right visual language to support the narrative for each of my characters. I try to put a lot of attention into details, but always to serve the narrative and to create a distinctive cinematic atmosphere.

Which are the genres you feel more comfortable with?
There is no doubt that it's Comedy! I remember as a little boy I used to playback all my dad's VHS collection of Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton and to really enjoy it! I believe that I find in comedy the type language that I can identify myself with. I love the idea that in comedy I can explore and capture a certain sense of ordinary madness.

Regarding fiction: Do you consider to have a core interest as Director?
It's a chapter that I would love to open later in my life. Right now, all my energy and focus is on advertising. I feel that is the right “medium” for me to express myself creatively. Plus, I like the fact that in advertisement I can work in a short amount of time in very different, very attractive type of films and challenges.

How do you see the future of advertising? Do you consider that VR, 360 and branded content will point the way?
From time to time, there is always something new happening, some kind of tech and trendy that will be the “next big thing.” Personally, I thought that the impact of VR would be bigger and fast, but somehow it's taking some time, but let's see what the future will bring.

How has been your experience with Cortez Brothers?
It's a new adventure that has just started and has everything to work out perfectly!

If you have had the opportunity to direct any movie, which will it be?
Well, as a movie buff It's very hard for me to short down to one movie. But definitely it would be a comedy like the “Party” with Peter Sellers, “Playtime” from Jacques Tati or even the First Blues Brothers. But as mentioned before: definitely it would be a comedy!

How was your experience with Coca-Cola Shanghai? How are your most recent clients?
It was a unique and exciting experience, it's never easy to shot comedy in other cultures, but I can reveal here some of the kind words that the client and agency have written down in a thank you letter: “The client (Coca-Cola) gave high appraisal on the passion and dedication Director Paco has shown during the production, he is a man with great creative perseverance and always looking for better solutions instead of simple compromises.”

Where is Paco heading in the future?
I like to take one step at a time, but right now my future would definitely happen in the Latin and American Market.

Production Company:
Cortez Brothers, USA
Contact: Martin Feuerstein
T +1-310-821-8280

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