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Leo Damario

Leo Damario From Letca Films: The Best Path Is The Riskiest

08 de mayo de 2017

Leo Damario's relationship with cinema began early. Since his childhood, he remembers writing stories. He created his first animated sitcom by the age of 16, while he worked at a car repair shop. It was so successful that MTV aired it and got several acknowledgements. Since then he has had great success with his prolific cinema creations in advertising. He is an entertainer, Director, self-taught Musician, and overall a recognized storyteller.

1. How did you became a Director? Which is your first memory with a camera?
When I was 18 years old, to pay my rent. I taught at the cinema school and one of my students that -of course- was older than me, worked as Producer in Advertising. He liked my boots and my cinema vision. He proposed me to become an Advertising Director.

2. Which is your favorite genre?
Cinema is my biggest space of development and insight. In ways of production and narrative is where I explore and forge most of my work. I already have a small collection of six feature films that went through all movie circuits. It's a small work that looks at me and shows my taste for female beauty, colors, music and my own politic worldview.

3. What is interesting to you, or what do you search as audiovisual maker?
At the beginning was to exhibit; to dive into a chaotic world with blurry moral edges. The search was to show a free mind by being disruptive with my own work. I like to dive with the hope of something new. However, now my search is to achieve a cinema that can be loved, that can anchor the fantasy and imagination of the audience. Escort more the viewer. Without kindness, there is no love.

4. How do you imagine the future of advertising and cinema?
The future is now. The ways of communicating have changed. The director's role changes and transmutes to be closer to creativity and less to aesthetics. Today's best path is the riskiest: becoming a Performance Director.

5. Are you working in a new project?
I am working with Marcos De Marchi from Ogilvy in my new feature film. With him and with Verónica Pérez as Screenwriter, we developed a story that I feel very confident about. It will be my seventh film, my first fantasy love story and for all audiences, with more international standing.

6. Where is Leo Damario heading into the future?
To the film set. To film. To what I've been doing in the last 12 years.

Production Company:
Letca Films, USA
Contact: Melina Acevedo
T +1-305-860-3833

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