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Gonzo Llorente From BlackVan Films: It's good to show that Hispanics are as good or even better than any other

15 de mayo de 2017

Gonzo Llorente began to direct films in 2007. Since then he has climb rapidly in the advertising business, working hand by hand with great agencies and brands. He began his career in Argentina and expanded to Brazil. Currently he is working in projects in different markets of the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

He has won many awards nationally and internationally during his career, not only for advertising pieces but for his cinematographic performance and as Video Music Director. Mondelez, Hyundai, Itau, Coca-Cola and Del Valle are among the brands he has worked with.

As Director, his footprint is very visual, climatic and not too “Argentinian." “While filming I feel I bring a different look of what is expected from an Argentinian Director. It just happens, and I think this is noticed in my reel. This different style defines me, I guess.”

Recently he joined BlackVan Films Directors' roster for the Hispanic and U.S. market. “Ariel Dress and Matias Aubi come from the creative side of agencies and when they assembled the production house, together with Pavel Cantu, the three of them wanted to gather a team aiming to creativity and to what's being filmed” he said. “Producing has something of art and all of us feel developers in the broadest sense of the word, we have fun doing it. We like to feel we're all after the same goal, that our energy flows and it's in making of every project something nice regarding the obstacles. Also, we share the hunger of working hard, of having the best time you can possibly have, and making beautiful things.”

“Filming beautifully” is Llorente's approach, what comes next happens naturally, he said. “It's good to show that Hispanics are as good or even better than any other. That makes the Hispanic market special for me. The market agencies have loads of talent, and the work level will continue to improve regardless the obstacles on the way.”

Despite all the fears about advertising's future, Llorente foresees “great things on the way.”

Production Company:
BlackVan Films, USA
Contact: Pavel Cantu
T +1-310-720-1456

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