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John Mastromonaco

John Mastromonaco From Fancy Content: Every Scene Has To Feel Like A Genuine Experience

19 de junio de 2017

Canadian Filmmaker, John Mastromonaco has a wide experience in the advertising business. He began as a Photographer where he gained his sensibility for composition. Over the years, he has worked with brands like American Express, McDonald's, Ford, Coca Cola, Mutual of Omaha, Pfizer, General Motors, Walmart, Lexus and Kellogg's. Currently he is based in the U.S. and is part of the Fancy Content family.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your profession?
JM: Everything! The coexistence of art and commerce pure talent is no longer enough. You need to have a point of view, most Directors don't. They draw between the lines. I love talking, I love explaining, I love meetings, I love selling and I love the interaction.

Q: Which clients you've worked with recently?
JM: Johnson and Johnson, Toyota, Royal Bank of Canada, Dairy Farmers, Tostitos, Subaru.

Q: What's your central interest as a creator?
JM: Human stories, insightful observations, not feeling the presence of the Director. That's my thing, it's what I love to do, create moments that feel like an entire story compressed into a single evocative peek at someone captured at a specific time and place. Every scene has to feel like a genuine experience, you have to feel the world spilling over into the frame and extending off the beyond it in all directions.

Q: How would you describe your visual style?
JM: Real, captured, perfectly imperfect. Making things feel happened upon versus directed.

Q: Who's your ideal client?
JM: Anyone who has trust, and passion. I'm not interested in working with folks that just phone it in. Or folks running scared for their jobs. If you trust your doctor, if you trust your dentist then it's possible you could be a good match. I don't mean to compare directing with brain surgery, but certainly knowledge, skill, experience, has plenty to do with it. And then there's the black art of feel, intuition, vibe.

Q: Can you tell us something about your future projects?
JM: A new up-and-coming Subaru spot, very clever creative. Very interesting, cars frolicking in a park as if they were dogs in a dog park. The tagline is just brilliant!
Go RVing, fabulous client and agency, this will be our second project. It is inspiring and beautiful as the first one. Take a look.

Production Company: Fancy Content
Contact: Isabel Echeverry
T +1-310-498-3610

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