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Russ Lamoureux

Russ Lamoureux From Altered.LA: I'm Always Looking For Ways To Tell A Compelling Story With A Camera

24 de julio de 2017

The North American Director, Russ Lamoreux, began his career in big agencies such as Goodby, Silverstein & Partners; TBWA/Chiat Day; BBDO and Deutsch. As soon as he approached the film career at UCLA, he began directing. From the start, he was acknowledged as one of the most relevant Directors in Cannes and has made hundreds of memorable and awarded commercials. His works also include short films and documentaries. 

Q: How does your work as a Photographer make you a better Director? When you're directing, do you find that being a Photographer allows for greater collaboration with a DP or do you prefer to be your own cinematographer?

RL: Through photography I've learned so much about composition and light, lensing, and how to use a light meter. Understanding that language gives me a shorthand on set with my camera and lighting departments that definitely makes it easier for me to convey what's in my head. I could be my own DP if I had no choice, but I'd much rather work with a cinematographer who can help elevate what I'm doing.

Q: What genre is most appealing to you?

RL: I'm drawn more to content than genre. A script can be dramatic, whimsical, or comedic. I'm just looking for something I can relate to and that I can ground in performance and shooting style.

Q: How do you picture the future of advertising?

RL: The industry seems to be changing so quickly that I wouldn't want to guess where it's going. I just hope there's always a premium place on good storytelling.

Q: Where's Russ Lamoureux heading in the future?

RL: I'm currently working on a project that combines still photography with filmmaking. Finding ways to tell a compelling story with a camera, that's where I'm heading.

Production Company:
Altered.LA, USA
Contact: Marcos Cline-Márquez
T +1-310-729-8291

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