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Luis  Hernández

Luis Hernández From Cortez Brothers: I See A Promising And Exciting Future For Advertising

31 de julio de 2017

The Mexican Director, Luis Hernandez, has different talents. Apart from cinema, he has thrived as screen Writer, Graphic Artist and advertising Creative. He began his career at Mexican agencies and later in the U.S. As creative he has been awarded in many festivals such as Cannes Lions, One Show, D&AD, Clio, El Sol de San Sebastián and FIAP. Since 2010 he devoted himself as Director and in 2013 he joined the Cortez Brothers' team to work on Hispanic market projects. His short films and videoclips have been also recognized. Currently he is testing RV and RA content experiences.

Q: How was your transition from agencies to spot's Director?
LH: I've always had a particular interest for audiovisual advertising. My first approach to advertising were the spots I used to watched on TV as a child and this developed my interests in working in agencies. There I had the chance to film and realized that definitively that that was my favorite media and I became more and more involved in filming commercials for the brands which I worked with. I even was Director of a couple of them. Then I decided to devote entirely to direction.

Q: Which is your favorite genre or do you have an area of expertise as a Director?
LH: Working with actors and cinematographic narrative are my areas of expertise. Recently I've been focusing in comedy, a genre which I like, feel comfortable with and had had the fortune to work with in very funny stories for brands that strongly rely on creativity.

Q: With which clients have you been working recently?
LH: I've just launched in Mexico a TV and online campaign for Maruchan Bowl, the leader brand of the instant soups market. Previously I had the opportunity to film a campaign with Youtubers and Influencers for For second year in a row I did the TV campaign for Tequila José Cuervo Especial, which it's being broadcasted now in Mexico. In non-traditional media, I've done creativity and content in virtual reality and augmented reality for clients like Coca-Cola, Time Magazine, Sikorsky and MIT in the U.S.

Q: How do you envision the future of advertising? How has been your experience with branded content?
LH: I see it promising and very exciting, above all for those with the fortune of working in audiovisual media. However, it entails a paradigm shift. It's a great opportunity and a great responsibility for clients, Creatives and Producers. Today more than ever we have the duty to adjust and evolve to create more relevant and attractive stories, multi-platforms with enhanced values and aimed to a global market increasingly more diverse and selective.

Q: Where's Luis Hernández de la Peña heading in the future?
LH: My goal is to always grow and evolve as a Director and Creative. Right now, my focus is in consolidating my work in the U.S. advertising market, and seeking for challenging and fun ideas to develop. At the same time, I'm working in the development of a fiction television series, running some videoclips and developing stereoscopic (3D) and AR/VR for different clients.

Production Company:
Cortez Brothers, USA
Contact: Martin Feuerstein
T +1-310-821-8280

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