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Camila  Zapiola

Camila Zapiola From Cortez Brothers: I Create Personal And Vivid Spaces With A Magical Touch 

28 de agosto de 2017

Camila Zapiola, born in Buenos Aires, began a prolific career as a Screenwriter, Actress, and Director. She furthered her acting studies at the Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute in New York. At that time, she directed several short films and debuted as an actress in acclaimed Broadway shows. She was part of the new literature anthology of the Hispanic language in 2008. When she returned to her homeland, directed the musical Teenage Metamorphosis. Her commercials have been awarded at the most important international festivals of advertising, such as Clios and Cannes Lions, and in 2016 she ranked as the best new talent in Argentina. Currently, she is being represented by Cortez Brothers for the Hispanic market where she has done great projects.

Q: With which clients have you been working recently?
CZ: My most recent work was for Dominos Pizza with LatinWorks. Previously, I worked for Meetic (Dating website) with Film Suez and a lot for McDonald's. Mainly, all the work I've been doing is in Europe.

Q: How do the Actress, Screenwriter, and Director coexist? Do you feel this as a bonus?
CZ: Of course. I learned about directing when studying acting and cinema. Ultimately these disciplines aim to the same: telling a good story. Acting, once you break the shame barriers and are exposed -what we call it “good acting”-, it's based on logic and the right analysis of the scene text. The director's job is helping the actor achieve that kind of performance, together with the actor's work of embodiment. Having studied acting and script enabled me to use these tools each time I direct.

Q: How would you define your visual style?
CZ: This depends on the type of story I'm telling. I try to use it to support the mood I want to give in each case. If it's a humor spot with dialogue I focus on acting, I usually go for a classical visual narrative, trying to concentrate in the set realism in order to avoid distracting the audience with odd camera movements. I'm very meticulous with location an art direction, I chose each one of the objects and their right position in each frame, I like creating personal and vivid spaces with a magical cinematographic touch, which I believe shows a hint of my personal warmth.

Q: How do you envision the future of advertising?
CZ: I think it will be the same in essence. As much the media changes and consumers watch less television, and we increasingly work more in digital, we'll continue to do the same: telling short stories the best way we can. Regarding content, I see a new generation of creatives and directors willing to innovate and become more updated, where authenticity will be what weights and challenge us each day. I'm enthusiast about it, it looks very good.

Q: Which are the genres you feel most comfortable working with?
CZ: I like to make people laugh and be moved. Although most of my work has humor, my personal favorites are when they're a good combination of both. I'm attracted to sensibility without being mawkish. I'm a fan of epic and musical commercials. I like black humor, romance, and drama a lot, and I think that doing a good actors direction can be applied to everything, not only to create that Argentinian good humor.

Q: Where's Camila Zapiola heading in the future? Is there any project you'll like to share?
CZ: I'm in the pre-production stage of a personal short film, with the intention it becomes a feature film. My short is titled: Un chico que me gusta (A Boy I Like) and it questions women gender's love, which has become under-graded and incoherent with today's reality. Featured by a woman, emotionally dependent and without any scruples, that looks for the love of her life. It combines strong ironic humor with drama which is the type of genre I enjoy the most. I'll like to show cased it at Cannes Festival next year in the advertising category, I'm looking for a brand of birth control products to sponsor it.

Production Company:
Cortez Brothers, USA
Contact: Martin Feuerstein
T +1-310-821-8280

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