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Andrés  Cerda

Andrés Cerda From Wabi Productions: I Think Advertising Has To Be Mischievous

04 de septiembre de 2017

The Mexican Director, Andrés Cerda, recently joined Wabi Productions to explore new paths in Spain, since he will be based in Madrid, maintaining, however, he maintains his representation in Mexico and the U.S.

Cerda decided to become a Director because from a Young age he has loved to tell stories and create universes. “I hate reality and think this is a good means to escape and generate things that have nothing to do with it, or maybe they do, but with a special touch” he expressed.

He started in 2011 as a Director, after studying social communication. In his college days, he began working on cinematic treatments for great Directors in the country. “I have done all sorts of things. I began with postproduction, directed a lot of comedy, but I think when I feel more comfortable is when I have to tell a story that allows you to somehow drift away from reality.”

The Director defines his style as mischievous, fantastic, human. “I like to 'tune' reality, and that is why I appeal to fantastic things. I think advertising has to be mischievous, sexy, that visually something pulls you, and human to generate emotional links. I care a lot about creating characters that are tridimensional.” There are many films that have marked his career, but Godard's A Woman is a Woman, the Harry Potter saga and Leolo have an important place.

With brands like Nestlé, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Banamex, he has been able to create fantastic worlds. If he could choose a brand to work, he would choose Stella Artois. “I think the stories they create and the characters you work with end up being love stories for a beer that takes place in amazingly fun situations” he said.

Regarding the future of advertising, he explained that advertising, in essence, will not change anything. “Brands want to generate an emotional link with the market and the best way to do this is precisely with a story that generates an emotion. The way to produce advertising might change, but I think the essence is always storytelling.”

His new projects include the making of a short-film he recently finished writing.

Production Company: Wabi Productions, Mexico
Contact: Céline Rivera
T +52-55-6271-8300

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