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Agustín Carbonere

Agustín Carbonere From Landia: I'm A Comprehensive Director, I Try To Build From All Dimensions

02 de octubre de 2017

The Argentinian Filmmaker, Agustín Carbonere stands out for a prolific career as Writer and as Director of Video clips, Commercials, Documentaries. All his pieces are imbued with a cinematographic style which has distinguished him as worthy of great awards.

Q: How did you become a Director?

AC: Since my childhood I felt drawn to directing and to the audiovisual world in general. I think my first epiphany was when I was five years old when they brought home a VHS and I pushed the rewind and fast forward buttons. I felt like an electricity that I can still remember today. Later they brought home the first filming camera, and a charming and infinite world opened before me. There's no doubt that from that moment I became a Director.

I became a professional in 1999 and went through several areas, especially production, while on my own, I directed things. I was very interested in a sort of documentary/essay genre and a lot of music videos. Finally, in 2008 I began to direct in advertising at a very small production house, owned by friends until Luciano Podcaminsky summoned me to Landia. Ever since I've been working there, which is really an incredible place to work, where the prestige and the level of the production house means a very high standard, which compels you to become the best Director possible.

Q: With which brands have you been working recently?

AC: The most recent was Renault "Motivador", with which I did three pieces I feel very happy about. Also, Coca-Cola, State Farm, Lápiz de Platino, Sony, Movistar, Lays, Paceña, and Brahva.

Q: How do you define your visual signature?

AC: My style is very cinematographic when staging. What I like about it is that's a timeless style, that goes across trends, but at the same time has the versatility to look as new all the time. It's a style that allows me to build the narrative and different atmospheres.

On the other hand, my signature is being comprehensive. Meaning that I'm not only an actors' Director or a visual Director. I try to build from all dimensions. I even participate in writing the idea. That is vital for me.

Q: Which is the genre you feel most comfortable working with?

AC: I like a lot comedy. Is a very challenging and complex genre in order to make people laugh. Also, in advertising, it's more difficult because you have to make different types of audiences laugh with the same stimuli. I like when comedy is done by contrast when the tone is serious, even dramatic, but the situation is so absurd that makes people laugh.

Q: How do you envision the future of advertising?

AC: Very exciting regarding what it will be offering Directors. Moving us a little from the traditional 45 seconds on TV, and developing more integrated campaigns and contents, making us more cross-discipline. Plus, the average viewer has an excellent incentive, they are prepared and used to quality products. So, this envisions a very promising picture.

Q: What are your future projects?

AC: Continue filming, consolidate in the different evolving markets, including the Argentinian. The U.S. Hispanic market is a place in which I would like to work more too. I feel that in recent years creativity has grown tremendously in this space, Latinos are not underestimated anymore as consumer/viewer. And less now, in times where they have more voice in the U.S. Also, to be able to produce my fiction feature film, which is a project that I will be very excited to complete.

Production Campany: Landia, USA
Contact: Adrian D'amario
T +54-11-3220-3310

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