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Daniel Bruce

Daniel Bruce from ACA Films: Never Underestimate the Audience

16 de octubre de 2017

Daniel Bruce was born in South Africa and studied art direction at the Red & Yellow Advertising School, directed and founded by Ogilvy. At 21 he went from the universe of agencies to directing.
Bruce has been represented by the main production companies in Holland throughout his career and is approaching Latin America and the Hispanic market in the U.S. with ACA Films.

In the last decade, he has made more than 100 commercials together with the most renown agencies such as DDB, TBWA, JWT, Publicis, Iris and more. His list of clients includes Bacardi, Coca Cola, Phillips, Western Union, Vodafone, Peugeot and Tommy Hilfiger. His reel also has short films and musical videos that have been acknowledged in important international festivals.

Q: How has your experience during these first years in the US Hispanic Market and Latin America been?

DB: The experience has been good. There is a wealth of forward-thinking creativity and a drive to break the boundaries of the traditional industry. Something that has clearly not been easy at all, so I have a great respect for the agencies who are trying to guide their client towards this bit by bit.

Q: Which clients have you worked with recently?

DB: Recently with worked with and pitched on clients like Fabricas de Francia, Modello, Home Depot, Imagen TV etc.

Q: Do you think your visual style has evolved? How?

DB: I have been working as an international director for a long time, so for me, I would not say evolved as much as I would say adapted. Working in different markets requires me to adapt to the tastes and style of the local market yet a the same time hold on to what makes my style and origin unique from that market. In other words, I need to remain myself as a director and at the same time be accessible and relate to the consumer; that is the key.

Q: What's the biggest lesson you've learned in your directing career?

DB: Never underestimate the audience! They are smarter and ready for more than you think. We must be bold and take risks with them, they respect us for that.

Q: How do you picture the future of advertising?

DB: Everything tells a story! It's not just TVC’s and its not even just consumer level or ATL. Everything from RTV, to Print, to new digital technologies, from consumer brand campaigns to internal campaigns within the companies themselves. They all play a part in a communication ecosystem that advertising is at the heart of. The more this ecosystem diversifies the more branding and advertising will become personal to each single consumer. At the same time, advertising and entertainment are blurring into one. So, in the future advertising will be both an immersive and a personal experience.

Q: Where's Daniel Bruce heading in the future?

DB: Considering the above statement, I am actively engaged in learning to tell stories on many different platforms in film, digital and full 360 campaigns. I will always hold a special place in my heart for traditional film and hope that never goes away but at the same time, I also enjoy the challenge of working with and staying open to new media and forms of storytelling. Working more with Mexico, US Markets and ACA Films which I Enjoy so much!

Production Company:
ACA Films, USA
Contact: Gloria Ortega

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