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Ram Martínez

Ram Martínez, Independent Photographer: I Have Been Able to Develop a Very Freestyle in Fashion Photography and Portraits

23 de octubre de 2017

The Venezuelan photographer, Ram Martínez, has developed his career in Latin America and Europe. He is recognized as one of the most important Latin America photographers right now, according to E Entertainment Latam and currently lives in Mexico City, where he develops photographic and creative projects, both at a personal level, as well as for advertising agencies, media, and production companies.
The list of his exhibitions and the recognitions he has received include an ANDA award, the 29th Salón Nacional de Arte de Aragua (2004), the exhibit Arte Venezolano del Siglo XXI, the second mega-exhibition tribute to Jesús Soto, the individual Fairy Tales, winner of the Exposure competition, organized by SeeMe in New York, and his condition as a Latin American artist promoted by the non-profit organization NUIT D’ETE – France.

Q: How did you become a photographer?

RM: I was not one of those romantic stories that discover photography at the age of 12 with a camera my father gave me. Before being a photographer, I used to do all kinds of things: I was a designer, producer, and advertiser. After working as a field producer in Caracas, I had to return to Barquisimeto due to the political crisis the country was going through. So I started to see what I was going to do. I was looking for something that would fulfill me and allow me to have fun. In my house, there was a Sony Cybershot camera and I started to do things with that. I made several montages with self-portraits, one of them was 18 “me” talking to each other. I showed it to a friend who then presented it to the Director of the Museum of Barquisimeto and I was invited to send it to an art contest. That year I was chosen to participate in the exhibition in the Salón Aragua, one of the most important art salons in Venezuela. From that day on, I was hooked to photography and haven´t been able to stay away from it. At first, it was hard for people to call me an artist, but nowadays I am a photographer and an artist.

Q: How would you describe your visual style?

RM: I think that in fashion photography and portraits, I have been able to develop a very freestyle. But when you have bigger clients, it´s not easy to do what you want. However, you can always direct them a bit towards your style. What I like is to make up things. I have always liked Tim Walker´s style. I love staging in my photos, it is a very theatrical, dream-like style, I think that is what distinguishes me from the rest. Currently, a great part of style is centered on retouches, the colors you use.

Q: What have your recent projects been?

RM: In Mexico, I have reached a few goals and made some dreams come true. I have done work for Nike, and for the NBA. Since I arrived in Mexico, I began working for Vogue Mexico and Latin America, Vanity Fair, and most of the work I have done here has been for Condé Nast, the publishing group for Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Glamour, and AD. I have worked with all their magazines and they have been very receptive to my work. I have also made a great deal of product photography for Vogue and it has been fun.

Q: Is there a client you would like to work with?

RM: My dream is to do campaigns for Carolina Herrera, because they have used photographers that are among my favorite, like Tim Walker. I love her sense of aesthetics; it has a lot taken from fairy tales. Also because she is Venezuelan.

Q: Where is RAM heading for the future?

RM: I am resuming personal exhibits, more artistic things. I have already thought about several exhibitions. In Bogota, I was about to have an exhibition of flowers, and I hope I can do it here in Mexico. The dream is to have individual exhibits around the world. And the truth is I like to work and always invent new projects.
Independent photographer, Mexico
Contact: Ram Martínez

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