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Alberto Gastesi 

Alberto Gastesi From Cortez Brothers: There Is Always Room For An Honest Spirit When Addressing Narrative

27 de noviembre de 2017

Alberto Gastesi's career began early. At the age of 15, he enrolled at the cinema school for youngsters Detrás de la cámara, leaded by the scriptwriter Isabel Alba, where he produced Trampantojo, which was awarded at Valencia and Athens, and nominated at Budapest. During his teens and youth, he created a filmography that includes fiction short films, videoclips and experimental video creation. In that time, he debuted with two pieces at the San Sebastian's International Film Festival, which were awarded at other cities.

Currently, as a Director, he amounts several awards and nomination at festivals for several short films such as Tempestad, Mapa del tiempo olvidado and Alejandra, and in 2014 he participated at Cannes Lions festival. He is part of the Directors' roster of Tesauro's production house in Spain, Cortez Brothers in the U.S., and by L'Agence internationally. He has also done videoclips and ads spots for clients, including Loewe, Sony, Universal, Warner, Danone and PlayStation.

Q: What made you become a Director so young? Did you know at that time you will devote to film directing?
AG: I don't remember exactly when that happened, but at my home's closet there are stack up some Hi8 tapes of experiments and short stories that I use to record, including, for instance, the beginning of an Indiana Jones' saga which you can see me at my 6 years old featuring Indy's son. At the age of 13 and with the help of my friends, I filmed my first short with my grandfather's camera, and I don't know how we manage to finish it. We needed two cameras and a recorder in the middle to assemble it linearly and we voiced over directly with a mic. From then on, I've been filming short films stories and gradually I've been combining this with other formats such as advertising and videoclips.

Q: How do you define your visual style?
AG: Perhaps trying to define your own visual style is an uninteresting exercise, other should do that. But I suppose it's not a noticeable and defined one, it's sort of eclectic. I like to adapt, test different types of narrative, listen to what the script is demanding. Some times everything is very tied up before filming, other times I'm organic with space and the moment, so I improvise during the shooting. If I had to summarize I would say that I try to tell stories with honesty. Even when selling, which is what advertising is about, there is always room for an honest spirit when addressing narrative

Q: Which have been your most recent projects?
AG: I did recently a spot for PlayStation in Spain, and I just closing an important funding for a short film I'll be shooting shortly.

Q: With which brands will you like to work with?
AG: With those which allow and support risky creativity. If I take into account the nostalgia and justice of the kid that still lives inside me, I would say Nintendo, it would be really nice.

Q: What are your next fiction projects?
AG: There are two feature film stories that I have been developing for some time and for which I am looking for a Producer. They are very different form each other. One is an intimate love story, told with silences, lack of music and in black and white. The other is a thriller with a science fiction backdrop, that leads to a very universal issue. However, both are very mine, that's what I meant by being eclectic.

Q: Where's Alberto Gastesi heading in the future?
AG: I don't know where cinema is heading to, nor advertising, and I'm not mentioning TV because screens are merging and the line is already dim. I'll be where there is room for developing personal narratives and risky projects.