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Cibran Isasi

Cibran Isasi From Wabi Productions: The Relation With Brands Is Increasingly Important

04 de diciembre de 2017

Cibran Isasi was born in Mallorca. He started his career in the audiovisual world in London at the age of 20 and during his first trips, he developed a huge passion for observing the world and capturing it in images.

Upon his return to Madrid, he began working with big production companies like Cool Shot, Sopa de Toro and Mind the Gap. In 2004, he won multiple accolades for his commercial Line for Play Station. Since then, he has collaborated with big brands and agencies, expanding to the Latin American market and to the Middle East. He is currently represented by Wabi Productions for the U.S. Hispanic market and the Latin Market.

1. When did you decide to become a Director?
I always loved the movies and the world of images, but it wasn't until the age of 16 that I realized I could try it.

2. How do you describe your visual style?
Very versatile and aesthetic. Human and emotional. Adaptable to the needs of each project, but always with a lot of passion imprinted on each frame and trying to generate sensations from up close.

3. What brands have you worked with recently?
Burger King, Falabella, Rakuten, Procter & Gamble

4. What has your experience with Wabi been like?
Short but intense

5. Is there a Director or artist that has influenced you in your work?
Marl Molloy, Andrew Lang, Jonathan Glazer, Marc Corominas, Dionisio Naranjo, Traktor, Ringan Ledwidge.

6. Where is Cibran Isasi heading in the future?
This is a mystery but I think the relation with brands is increasingly important and now they are the big content generators.

Production Company: Wabi Productions, Mexico
Contact: Iria Martínez
T +52-55-3080-4836

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