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Matías Moltrasio

Matías Moltrasio from Landia: This Production Company is a Constant Challenge and a Great Experience

22 de enero de 2018

Since he was a child, the Argentinean director, Matías Moltrasio is passionate about cinema and music. He grew up in Buenos Aires and attended the Escuela de Cine. He was introduced to the world of advertising by the renown directors of Andy Fogwill and Agustín Alberdi.

He is currently represented by Landia for the U.S. Hispanic market, Latin America, Brazil and Spain. “Landia is a constant challenge and a great experience. Here, I studied and grew as a director. I wouldn't be who I am if I hadn't been in Landia” he said.

What he enjoys the most about his profession is "shooting, being on the set, giving orders, editing, traveling, creating, getting stressed out, eating well, eating bad, looking through the camera, filming, filming, filming..." In 2011 he was chosen as one of the 10 best directors according to Boards Magazine and since then, his career hasn't stopped. In 2015 the Ojo de Iberoamérica recognized him as the best director in the U.S. His list of acknowledgements include awards from Cannes Lions, Diente, El Sol, San Sebastián, EFFIE, New York Festival Advertising Awards, FIAP, U.S.H. Idea Awards, Wave Festival and Mexico´s Círculo de Oro.

He lives in Los Angeles where he has developed a reel with a highly cinematic level. “I like combining comedy and suspense very much, two genres that go hand in hand in my work" he commented. His quest is centered on making "great commercials with a cinematic tone when making films and series."

His most recent clients include: Toyota, Dodge, Ford, Metro PCS, Wendy’s, Dish, Sprint, Montejo and TNT. In the future he would like to film for BMW.

For the director, inspiration is in everything he sees. “I am equally inspired by a Buñuel film as by an episode of Family Guy.” He is currently developing a series based on the legend of The 27 Club, related to the death of musicians at the age of 27.

Production Company: Landia, U.S.
Contact: Juan Taylor
T +1-310-581-0519

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