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Luciano  Urbani

Luciano Urbani From Paraná Films: The Key Of Advertising's Future Is Adaptation

07 de mayo de 2018

Luciano Urbani began directing commercials in 2008. He trained as a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires, studied art history at the Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, and learned drama with the acclaimed actor, Julio Chavez. He has worked for brands such as Peugeot, Unicenter, Claro, Brahma, Andes, among many others. In 2009 he was nominated for the Young Director Award at Cannes and since then he has shone through the industry.

Q: What was your first approach to a camera?
LU: My first approach to a camera was very young, when my father filmed any event that happened at home with a Super 8, Minolta xl-sound 64. Obviously, sometimes I used it and shot with it, which was fun when I developed the film and saw what I did, and suddenly found in it abstract inserts whose authorship was unknown.
But professionally, I started working in 2001, and I was fascinated by how directors used a synecdoche in a transition or simply summarize a scene.

Q: In what way do the designer, the art historian and the director coexist?
LU: Coexistence is an orderly disorder. I think that having in my background the tools of design and art, helps me to have another approach when it comes to directing. I am very meticulous with the frames thinking about the fugues or the composition of the picture with the lines, proportions and the weight of the objects or characters that are in them. Also, in art and color palette I am almost obsessive, thinking about what colors can highlight something in particular, thinking about the context or ambient in which they are immersed, and in turn being on top of the composition and typography of what goes on print, etc.

Q: With which clients have you worked recently?
LU: I have worked with Conill for Toyota, also for Chevrolet Argentina, and with Commonwealth. Also, with Publicis for Renault, and with the guys of the agency Hello, for Sprite.

Q: Do you have a fiction project going on?
LU: Going on, but still in first or second gear. I have three short films written, two of which I'm polishing to be able to do them shortly, and one that I'm going to rewrite, because I think it can become a feature film.

Q: How do you envision the future of advertising?
LU: Advertising is continuously developing, I believe that agencies are continually looking for new messages and supports, in order to differentiate their campaigns from those of their competitors. Finding new channels, capable of attracting the attention of consumers will be one of the keys for the future. Not everything happens on television anymore, and consumers watch shows in different devices, formats, etc. most through the internet, so advertising should adapt to the online universe. I think it's a very interesting breakthrough and adaptation will be the key.

Q: Where's Luciano Urbani heading in the future?
LU: To reinventing myself a little, to grow in every aspect. I think that with the progress of technology, VFX are much more interesting and not so complicated when it comes to executing, giving freedom to do things that perhaps a few years ago were unthinkable, complicated and now are easier to do. Doing personal things in my free time, such as short films and, above all, going back to painting, which I have neglected for a long time, because lately I've been devoted completely to advertising cinema.

Production Company:
Paraná Films, USA
Contact: Sebastián Leda
T+1-888-9-PARANA (727262)

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