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Elena Trapé

Elena Trapé from In & Out: I want to diversify my profile and venture into trying out new formats

11 de mayo de 2018

The Spanish director Elena Trapé has made hundreds of commercials several short films, and recently launched her first feature film. She is currently part of the In & Out Productions family and is producing around the entire world.

1. How did you become a director?
I graduated in the specialty of direction at the ESCAC (Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Cataluña). I was lucky to start shooting immediately shorts and spots in which we invested time and enthusiasm. All this material became my first reel and I managed to enter an advertising production company and start working. So I guess I have gradually become a director over time. I am still doing it because in each product I learn something new. This one seemed a long-distance race, not a speed one.

2. How would you define your visual style?
For me it's difficult to look at my work with a critical gaze, but I do think I like naturality and to be careful with details. To be close to the characters and the staging, make the storytelling part of the story grow, as well as to direct actors. If I limit my comment to the visual aspect, I would say that I like something midway between realism and aesthetics.

3. Critics have recognized Las distancias, how was this process for you?
The process to carry out the film has been long. There was an economic context that complicated access to financing and in total, we have spent seven years working on it. Throughout this time, I have learned a great deal at all levels. Fortunately, I have had great travel companions who have been there when others doubted we would make it. I feel the acknowledgement we are receiving is a tribute to our perseverance and the work of all those who were there behind the film.

4. Do you have new fiction projects?
Yes. I am currently writing with Miguel Ibáñez (one of the scriptwriters of Las Distancias) what I hope will be my following feature film. We are also developing together with my production company, a series for television. We are looking forward to shooting together again.

5. What brands have you worked with recently?
My last shooting was for the bank entity BBVA in Spain. I love to shoot around the world. An important shooting for me was the launching campaign of SPECTRUM developed by We Believers shot in Los Angeles.

6. Where is Elena Trapé heading to in the future?
I am trying to diversify my profile and venture into trying out new formats (such as television fiction or documentaries). But I also hope the future surprises me!

Production Company:
In&Out Productions, USA
Contacto: Mari Tato
T +1-305-458-8020

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