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Vicky Torres

Vicky Torres of Cortez Brothers: More and more it seems there is an understanding that sensitivity does not goes through gender

11 de junio de 2018

Vicky Torres has worked in advertising since 1991. Her first 16 years were as Creative Director at different advertising agencies until 2008, when she decided to take the leap and start directing commercials. She left behind her home town in Uruguay, to live in Mexico City, working for different agencies and brands. Since then her reel has grown to include clients like, Pepsi, Nestle, Heineken, Pedigree, Renault, Whirlpool and Kraft, among others.

She approaches each and every idea or creative board with an artistic perspective and with a directorial strategy. She works in Latin America, as well as in the US Hispanic and general markets.

Q: How was that you decided to go from creative direction to audiovisual direction?
VT: It occurred organically. After 15 years in creative direction I wanted to know how was taking ideas beyond a written paper, walk with them to the end of the road. And I loved the idea. It has been already 10 years as a director and my contribution has been always to add to the projects assuming these two facets that complement each other.

Q: With which brands have you worked recently?
VT: The latest has been all about beers. A project for Heineken, which we filmed in Europe for the Mexican market and another that we filmed in NY for Victoria beer targeting the US Hispanic market. Two projects that although had in common the theme of soccer, were very different and very funny.

Q: Do you have any fiction projects?
VT: I'm devoted to finish the script for my first feature. It is a dramatic story but also plays with humor.

Q: As a director, how have you experienced gender inequality within the industry?
VT: I think where it is most evident is in the selection of the visualizations’ themes, where male directors are usually summoned. But I feel that little by little it is being understood that both genres can face all kind of projects. In the past, women were summoned for kitchen topics or sanitary towels, and men for soccer and cars. By the way, my latest projects have been about cars and soccer. But more and more it seems that people are understanding that sensitivity does not goes through gender, but through other aspects.

Q: How do you describe your visual style?
VT: Personally, I like esthetic naturalism very much, but in advertising I have worked on projects so diverse that each one has its own personal imprint over mine. Also, that versatility has allowed me to do all kinds of commercials. And I like that, that they do not pigeonhole me into a single genre.

Q: Where's Vicky Torres heading in the future?
VT: I hope that towards unsuspected and creative places. This is the interesting thing about this profession that is becoming less predictable.

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