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Claudio Borrelli

Claudio Borrelli from In And Out: This Lion and The Race celebrate love and inclusion

25 de junio de 2018

The Brazilian filmmaker Claudio Borrelli has had an excellent first semester in 2018. Last week, he received a bronze Lion in Cannes Lions for his piece The Race for Sadia. Monday, June 25, he will begin shooting his first feature film, and the global campaign for the new Tiguan 2019, which he directed, is about to be launched.

To the multiple accolades he has received and years of experience in the field, he now adds this Lion for a piece that celebrates love and inclusion. With film-like and poetic storytelling, he tells the story of a girl with down syndrom who is practicing for a Christmas race in her school. Meanwhile, a solitary neighbor, whose only company is a dog, helps her without her knowing. With a captivating ending, it expresses the solidarity and love that blooms in this relationship.

Borrelli highlighted that even though the casting was inclusive, the goal was not to focus on the differences, but rather the opposite: to see minority groups and recognize them as equal to the rest of society. The star of the ad shows her dreams, her determination and capabilities the same as any other girl her age.

The director mentioned that the main challenge was to find the protagonist, but when they did, they met a girl with Down syndrom who competes in real life and feels passion for the sport.

Borelli is currently represented by In & Out Productions, with whom he has developed great projects for the Hispanic and the general market in the US.

Production Company:
In&Out Productions, USA
Contact: Mari Tato
T +1-305-458-8020

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