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Nico Parodi

Nico Parodi from CasAbierta: I like to work with actors, mainly on scripts that propose humor

09 de julio de 2018

The filmmaker Nico Parodi has a long career path in the audiovisual world. He began directing commercials in 2014, although by that time he had vast experience in pieces for television and videoclips. As a director, he has worked with the most prestigious agencies in South America and during his career he has been acknowledged with different international awards, such as Cannes Lions. He has an innate talent for comedy and to obtain the best performance from his actors, and he recently joined CasAbierta Producciones.

How did you know you would devote your life to directing?
Since I was a child, I knew I was going to work in something related with the audiovisual field. At the age of 9, my mother took me to a shooting in which she was working, she is a dancer and choreographer, and the film set captivated me. Today, shooting continues to be what I like most. I didn´t know I was going to work as a director until it happened. In fact, I started in production, looking for locations, and after, I moved to the direction team, and one day, someone offered me to direct, and here I am. I like to shoot, to place the camera thinking about the staging, and to work with actors.

Who have your most recent clients been?
In Argentina I shot the last campaign of LA CAJA, a client with whom I have been working for several years. I also shot a big campaign for the Russia World Cup for Movistar in Central America, and in Chile this year, I shot for Claro, for Entel and for BCI.

Why did you join CasAbierta?
Because I loved the idea and the proposal Geo Orellana posed. I have known Geo for a long time and know about his capability and energy and I thought it was a good opportunity to continue boosting my career in advertising.

How do you define your visual style?
I like to work with actors, mainly in scripts that propose humor. What always interests me the most is telling a good story, even if it is only in 20, 30 seconds or in a minute.

What do you think will be the key to the future of advertising?
We are obviously undergoing changes in the way to access audiovisual content and the way products are consumed, which is vertiginous. So, consequently, no one can say what the future will bring. What I do see is that content demand is increasingly bigger and that brands are going to have to reach consumers through those contents, no longer interrupting them, but fusing with them. And this is a path I am very interested in and for which we are preparing.

Where is Nico Parodi heading?
I want to continue shooting and learning, working with new agencies and clients, meeting more people with whom I can work and face new challenges. To dominate more and more of this job´s tools, that are so many and so complex and changing all the time. I want to continue arriving very early at the set and to keep feeling the same fascination I felt at the age of 9.

Production Company:
CasAbierta Producciones, Argentina
Contact: Geo Orellana

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