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Hans Emanuel

Hans Emanuel of Garage Films: My work trademark is the beauty of what’s real

16 de julio de 2018

Hans Emanuel was born in California from a Mexican and a German. He grew up between Europe, the US and Mexico. His first creative passion was the violin. Living in New York, he became devoted to digital design and after that, in Spain, he started filming fashion videos. At the same time, he ventured into fiction videos and made his first short films as a director. His short Cajas won numerous awards and was screened at the Berlinale of the Berlin International Film Festival. Over the last years he has been recognized as an advertising director. He belongs to the Garage Films family, from where he works developing new projects every day in Europe, Mexico, the US and Russia.

Q: How can you describe your experience with Garage Films been?
HE: Garage Films is my home. Since my first advertising project Garage has bet on me, believing in my vision and giving me the opportunity to grow my reel with each of the pieces that I had the opportunity to direct. I have been very fortunate to share with them very interesting projects of all kinds of brands, which helped me to develop as a director and today I feel very fulfilled with my work. As we all say: Home Is Garage.

Q: With all experience you have, how would you define your visual style today?
HE: I am always looking for beauty in everything, in my life in general and especially in my work. I have a deep need of working the narrative through the eyes of aesthetics. And that is my work trademark - The beauty of what’s real.

Q: Are you currently working on a fiction project?
HE: Yes, I am always writing and landing ideas. Fortunately, advertising keeps me working around the world and during the last few years I have had little time to develop development these fiction projects. Specifically feature films. Right now I am re-writing two scripts that I really want to start producing next year.

Q: With which brands have you recently worked with?
HE: I am very happy with the development of my work in all areas; lately the automotive industry and beauty have opened to me to work with brands such as Audi, Fiat and Nivea.

Q: How do you envision advertising’s future?
HE: Advertising is evolving all the time and I am convinced that the future is innovation, the search for new formats and trends that allow us to continue communicating through a narrative that focuses on quality in a much more conscious and demanding world, a world with access to a lot of information and open to explore different points of view.

Q: Where is Hans Emanuel heading?
HE: I am focused on following my path in advertising, always learning and putting into practice new techniques. I will continue expressing myself through visual narrative and consolidating my personal fiction projects.

Production Company:
Garage Films, USA
Contact: Anaïs Flores

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