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Jony Perel

Jony Perel of Casta Diva: It only matters what I film, that's my point of view about the world

30 de julio de 2018

For Jony Perel cinema is a way of making maps. He studied Philosophy and Literature, while graduating in Art History at the University of Buenos Aires. He filmed four feature films and several short films. He has been awarded twice by the Fondo Metropolitano de las Artes (Metropolitan Fund for the Arts) in Buenos Aires. His films have screened at the most important film festivals: Viennale, IFFR Rotterdam, FIDMarseille, La Havana, BAFICI, YIDFF Yamagata. Since 2007 he directs commercials. He has filmed with agencies such as JWT, BBDO, McCann, Gray, Madre, Santo, Ponce, Fallon, Latinworks, Lopez Negrete; with clients such as Toyota, Ford, GM, Nike, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Budlight, Santander, Nokia and Verizon. In 2018 he won a Silver Lion in Cannes.

Q: What inspires you when you shoot a spot?
JP: In every project, I always try to include anything something that it’s part of myself and personal. There are times when directors have more freedom to own a piece, but other times the edge is more limited. But I always want to have at least one element that excites me and that I'm going to do it whatever it takes. It can be just a frame or a camera movement; It can be a post technique, an actor, or a location. It does not matter if it's something small: it’s something I decided to keep as my trademark in this commercial, and that’s what validates all my enthusiasm in the shooting. My work is pure adrenaline, the shooting goes at thousand km per hour, and you have to have great skills to adapt to everything that is happening, and the key is how to adapt without losing your way. Filming moves at the pace given by the director and great part of my work is to infuse that adrenaline, which then moves from behind the camera to the image.

Q: How was your experience with this year’s Cannes Lion?
JP: To win a Lion you need many variables: a good idea must match with a bold client, with an execution that makes it develop in images. It is not enough with just one of these things. I think that advertising is moving towards a more genuine place, one that answers more to the real needs of clients’ communication, and not so much to only creativity. A Lion in 2018 is something more difficult to achieve. Ideas are not enough, and if a creativity is not authentic and honest in its message, it shows right away. I think that with Break the Taboo, Grey actually achieved a powerful idea in creative terms, but at the same time with a high awareness power in his message.

Q: Which are your most recent clients?
JP: In the last year I filmed two campaigns for Toyota about two very different cars models, which it’s almost like thinking of different customers. Then I filmed an energy care campaign for the Presidencia, which is a very special client, because it moves within other times, even more vertiginous than those that advertising is used to. I filmed for Fargo in Madrid and also for Zonaprop and for Bumerang, another very interesting client, more linked to new technologies and to a very contemporary way of thinking about processes.

Q: Are you developing any film project currently?
JP: I'm in the middle of filming my fifth feature film. It is a historical documentary, with a widely spread filming throughout the country, and I am filming it in small stages little by little. In opposition to my work in advertising, I’m shooting my film in absolute solitude. I go in my car with my camera, and do everything by myself: sound, photography. It is a very intimate process, which I also enjoy very much. For now, I can’t say anymore ...

Q: What can you say about your relationship with Casta Diva?
JP: I'm about to finish my first year in Casta, and I could not be happier. I feel like we've known each other all our lives. They gave my place very quickly and they try all the time to make me feel comfortable. In addition to our local work in Argentina we are opening to new markets, like Hispanic in the US, and it is very interesting to be facing these new adventures together.

Q: Where is Jony Perel heading?
JP: The projects I like to do come more and more to me. I feel that my today’s reel depicts me much more than it did a few years ago. That was a challenge when I started at Casta: to look for projects and scripts that have to do with what I like to shoot. And I think I’m getting there. I can’t imagine myself in another place than behind a camera. That is my way of living in the world, of building myself as a person through what I film. It does not matter what I can say, not even in this interview: it only matters what I film, that’s my point of view about the world.

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